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Do you know that the Amalfi Coast has much more to offer than the crystalline sea, the hiking trails, and the breathtaking views? Here you can create unforgettable memories while experiencing funny adventures: try water sports, outdoor climbing, zip line, or spent a wild night at the disco. On the Divine Coast, there is no time to get bored! 

by Barbara Iovine

If you are planning your beach holiday where to live adventurous and super fun experiences, you are in the right place! The many beaches of the Amalfi Coast have much more to offer than deckchairs and umbrellas: you will be surprised by all the activities organized in the water. For those who prefer not to get wet, trekking is certainly not lacking, as well as climbing on the majestic rocky walls for the bravest.
On the other hand, if you are tired of being with your feet on the ground, and you would like to "fly" instead, go for a ziplining adventure, immersing yourself in this divine landscape. But do not forget that the fun can also be found in gentle activities: do not give up on a disco night. Go on showing off your best dance moves, and enjoy the good music that will certainly become the soundtrack of your unforgettable holiday.

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Zip line 

Water sports for sea lovers

Not everyone likes to lay in the sun for too long, so to cool off from the heat, a diversion is necessary. Of course, you can dive into the water that is certainly the best way to fully enjoy the season, but why not try some water sports to spice up your holiday? 

To ensure maximum safety and to assist you with all your needs, there is an experienced staff equipped with quality facilities. The most enterprising can certainly try their hand at water-skiing or wakeboarding, two of the most popular towing sports. Those who still feel inexperienced but do not want to give up an adrenaline rush can tackle the kneeboard, suitable for approaching this type of sport.
But if you can't wait to touch the sky with your hand, try to flyfish: you will “fly” on an inflatable, living a truly intense experience! On the Amalfi Coast, the entertainment is really within everyone's reach and if you want to have fun in a more relaxed way, towing inflatables and the classic banana are both unbeatable for those looking for group activities. 

Base of operations: Duoglio Beach Via Mauro Comite 45 Amalfi (SA)

Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

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Other way to relax in the water

Another fun way to enjoy this great blue sea is to join a boat tour or even a kayak tour. Led by experienced captains and guides, who provide details on the attractions and life on the Amalfi Coast, these excursions will let you discover the hidden beaches and caves. Accessible only by sea, these attractions are small secret treasures, where you can swim in peace, away from the crowds, or even try another unmissable experience: snorkeling. Although it is one of the quietest activities, I assure you that discovering the wonders of the seabed and the local fauna, equipped with a snorkel, is certainly unforgettable! 

Base operativa: Spiaggia Duoglio Via Mauro Comite 45 Amalfi (SA)

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The fast-paced face of the Amalfi Coast

Even on land, there are many exciting activities to choose from, starting with the panoramic trekking routes. To spice up your excursions, you can pick an alternative way to get to the top: climbing! You can have fun climbing the majestic rocky walls, which characterize the Divine Coast, filling you up with adrenaline and emotions that you will hardly forget. There are several places equipped for this kind of activity, organized with courses at various levels of difficulty, with different instructors: you just have to select the one that suits you best!
But if the thrill of heights has not yet satisfied your desire for adventure, maybe it's time to put on your wings. In the Fiordo di Furore there is a zipline with a super panoramic view, which from Schiato, at Punta Tavola, descends to the Fiordo di Furore until you get to Conca dei Marini. It is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and fun activities you can find in the area and consists of a real flight, hanging from a cable, surrounded by the great uncontaminated beauty of the coast: trees, sea, and sky that merge into one, with the magnificent Fiordo di Furore in the background: simply irresistible.

Location: Sorrento (Punta Campanella) -  Maiori (Capo D’Orso) - Positano - Furore - Vietri sul Mare
Zip-line: Via Aldo Moro,1, Furore 

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The nightlife on the Amalfi Coast: have fun on the dance floor

Finally, after so much adventure, it's time to have fun on the dance floor! On the Amalfi Coast, there are different places where you can relax to the rhythm of the best hits of the moment.
Music on the Rocks is one of the most popular nightclubs in Positano, also frequented by VIPs and celebrities who come to the Amalfi Coast from all over the world. The location is among the most fascinating and evocative, directly carved into the rock, with a terrace lying on the cliffs overlooking the sea, which hosts the most famous DJs of the international music scene. How not to have fun in such an environment?

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Music on the rocks from FB page

  • Water-skiing was the sport in vogue in the 60s and 70s.
  • The kneeboard is perfect for introducing beginners and children to the world of water sports.
  • At the zip line of Furore it is possible to book ‘'a marenna a volo a volo’, a tasty snack consisting of a piece of bread stuffed with typical local products of your choice.
  • The Africana Famous Club, one of historical discotheque of the Amalfi Coast, now temporarily closed, hosted illustrious personalities such as Gore Vidal and Frank Sinatra.

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