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Not sure what to do on Easter Monday this year and want to plan something different that will please your whole group? Come to the Amalfi Coast!

by Roberta Cascone

Every spring among groups of friends the question "What should we do on Easter Monday?" returns, and thinking of something that will satisfy everyone is always a difficult task! Picnics in nature, visits to churches and museums, walks along the waterfront, lunches in special restaurants... whatever you choose, on the Amalfi Coast you can do it! Not only that, if there are many of you and you are afraid of stressing about parking or driving through narrow and dangerous hairpin bends, the ideal solution is to travel by sea! Travelmar's fast ferries connect all the main ports of the Divine Coast, provide numerous rides throughout the day, and most importantly, will give you the opportunity to admire the coastal towns from an unusual and incredibly fascinating perspective, namely from the sea! For all the necessary info and to buy tickets click on this link
So, forget the stress and don't worry about Easter Monday anymore: follow our tips to plan the perfect day!

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The Valle delle Ferriere

An Easter Monday in nature

If you like being outdoors and want to take advantage of the first beautiful days of the year, there is no better place than the Path of the Gods! Have you ever been there? The Path of the Gods is one of the symbols of the Amalfi Coast. About 9 km long, it connects Agerola to Positano and is the favorite destination on the Coast for all trekking lovers. 
From here you can walk in the unspoiled nature of the Lattari Mountains and stop at the many panoramic terraces from which to admire the blue sea, where the island of Capri with its Faraglioni and the islands of Li Galli stand out. The trail is of medium difficulty and takes about 7 hours round trip. So if you and your friends plan to take it, equip yourself with snacks, water bottles and comfortable shoes, the experience will be unforgettable! 
If you already know the Path and want to propose an alternative nature trail, choose the Valle delle Ferriere! This is a nature reserve consisting of woods crossed by streams: it is a cool place, protected by the mountains of Scala, and for this reason it has preserved a truly unique microclimate, in which very rare animal and plant species live! 
The Valley hike starts from Pontone, a hamlet of Scala, and ends in Amalfi. It lasts about three hours and is within everyone's reach; moreover, during the walk you will encounter the streams and waterfalls of the Canneto river: its water was once used for the mills employed in the production of the very famous Amalfi paper! Choose the Valle delle Ferriere if you want to spend an Easter Monday in an enchanted place!

A cultural Easter Monday

If you like to take advantage of holidays to make cultural visits and expand your knowledge about the local area, you have a wide choice of museums on the Coast! 
In Positano, between a walk through the characteristic alleys and an aperitif, you have the chance to visit the Roman Archaeological Museum! Incredible but true, right in the center of town, under the church of Santa Maria Assunta, are the remains of a Roman-era villa, which still retains part of the structures and colorful frescoes intact!
At the Amalfi Paper Museum, besides, you can discover the ancient techniques and all the tools used to produce the world-famous Amalfi paper. By taking advantage of guided tours, you will learn about the history of paper and the art of producing it, and you can admire the machines in operation, as well as have the chance to participate in the creation of a handmade sheet of paper.
If, on the other hand, you're planning to spend Easter Monday in the village of Ravello but have already visited the famous Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, you might want to stop by the Coral Museum! In fact, just a few steps from the Duomo is this small museum founded in 1986, which houses a wonderful collection of artifacts, cameos and mother-of-pearl.

An Easter Monday in the name of good food

It's a known fact that any self-respecting Easter Monday is not complete without lunch with friends: so why not combine a visit to the museums with a nice lunch at a dream restaurant? Here are some of our recommendations!

If you are looking for a spectacular location that will leave your friends speechless, in Conca dei Marini you can book a table on a wonderful terrace, overlooking the sea, and enjoy superlative dishes! It is "Le Bontà del Capo" by Salvatore Criscuolo. Here you will find all the typical dishes of the Coast and, facing the sea, you will spend a tasty and relaxing Easter Monday!
If you love quiet, rustic places, however, "Hostaria Acquolina" is the perfect choice for you! Located in the valley of Pogerola, upper part of Amalfi, it is a restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the sea, offering a great selection of Italian and foreign meats cooked on the grill. Not only that! The wine selection is vast and the pizzas are excellent: their long leavening dough is made with organic flour and all pizzas are topped with local products. You will not be disappointed!
Do you love small restaurants that offer dishes with ingredients that vary with the seasons? Then there is one to be discovered right in Positano! At "Casa e Bottega" you will find a place with attention to every detail, cozy and bright, where you can taste colorful, inviting and healthy dishes, prepared only with the best seasonal, organic and fresh ingredients! 

In short, what is there to add? Choose the activity that suits you and your friends and come spend Easter Monday in the Amalfi Coast!

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  • Among the very rare species to be seen in the Ferriere Valley is a type of fern dating back even to the ice age, named Woodwardia radicans!

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