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The illuminations “Luci d’Artista”, one of the most appreciated events in the Christmas season in Campania, are back to light up the city of Salerno, the gateway of the Amalfi Coast. Inaugurated on December 3, they will be lit until January 30, 2022.

by Annalisa Russo

The traditional event, Luci d’Artista in Salerno, now in its XVI edition, is awaited by adults and children who love the happy and magical atmosphere. The spectacular illuminations, set up in the streets and in the squares of the city, are absolutely a must to see during the winter season in Salerno.

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Big Angel in piazza San Francesco

How was "Luci d’Artista" born?

The event "Luci d'Artista" was inaugurated in Salerno for the first time in 2005 and it was inspired by the illuminations of the city of Torino dating back to 1998. Torino has become the sister city of Salerno since the 2009-2010 edition. In conclusion, Salerno and Torino carry on this traditional event every year, and are used to swap their most beautiful artworks to make them more accessible to people from all over Italy.


Christmas Tree - Piazza Grasso

The Unicorn - Villa comunale

Giant Santa Claus - Piazza V. Veneto

Christmas Tree - Piazza Portanova

The event 2021/2022

This is a cultural and artistic event that turns Salerno into an open-air museum: you will be definitely enthralled by these illuminations.

For this year edition, among the greatest installations set up in the main squares, we have: the big Christmas Tree in the square "Piazza Portanova", 20 meters high, illuminated with 72.000 LED lights and decorated with 3400 Christmas red and golden balls; the Tree in bloom in the square "Piazza Flavio Gioia", 15 meters high and with a diameter of 18,5 meters, able to create such  a golden and magical atmosphere. 

Then, if you go to the Villa Comunale you will be enthralled by the myth and legend of these bright artworks: the Unicorn, Pegaso, the mythical winged divine horse, and the Phoenix. Both adults and children will love these artworks and the atmosphere they create. Then, in the square “Piazza Vittorio Veneto” you will find a marvelous, giant Santa Claus. A little further from the center, you will be able to admire the Santa Claus hat in the square “Piazza Caduti di Brescia”, the Christmas tree with stars and lights in the square “Piazza Mons. Grasso”, the Santa Claus boot, full of presents and sweets in the square “Piazza Gian Camillo Gloriosi” and, to conclude, the big white and golden Angel in the square “Piazza San Francesco”.

Stroll in the street of Salerno and be enthralled by these bright artworks: rainbows, stars, teddy bears, snowflakes and little angels. So, there is something to suit everybody’s fancy!

The bright streets in Salerno will make you feel like “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Even if you are a grown up, a walk in Salerno during this time of the year, enjoying the city and its Christmas spirit, will bring out the little, Christmas lover, kid in you.

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  • The illuminations of Salerno are present in the Italian comedy Babbo Natale non viene da Nord (2015), directed by Maurizio Casagrande.
  • We remember the venture #salernosiillumina, so the most beautiful photos sent to will be published on the Luci d'Artista official site  and on the FB page. What are you waiting for? Share your snapshots.

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