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Reghinna Minor - as it was called Minori - is the perfect place to spend your holidays. This was already clear to the ancient Romans that indeed chose it for their summer "otium". Why not taking the advice of our ancestors?

by Barbara Iovine

The ancient Romans had already understood that the Amalfi Coast was the perfect place to spend their holidays. Minori was indeed chosen in the first century A.D. by a wealthy Roman for his summer residence. As a matter of fact, he built there the Maritime Villa, making the city a lounging and relaxing place: it is an Eden.
Why don’t we accept the advice of our ancestors and spend a few hours in the peace and tranquility of Minori? If you are looking for a clear sea and a mild climate, this is just what you need!


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The city of taste

Minori was once a small fishing village, framed by fragrant citrus groves and a beautiful blue sea. But today it is much more than that. 
The city is a starting point for unforgettable tours on the Amalfi Coast not only for the several accommodation facilities and attractions it offers but also for the presence of many restaurants and its famous artisanal productions. It is not by chance that it is known as the City of Taste... it takes all the visitors for the throat!

It is interesting to know that Minori was characterized in the past by the presence of the mills, used to process the wheat, from where the tradition of the famous handmade pasta rises. You should try the typical “ndunderi”, a famous kind of fresh pasta similar to gnocchi — whose recipe is said to be inspired by the “little Latin balls” of the ancient Romans — it is a real treat! 

Then we cannot fail to mention the other great artisan productions: citrus fruit liqueurs and other spontaneous crops and herbs of the Coast. I recommend that you buy a characteristic bottle to take home as a souvenir and of course don’t forget to taste it with one (or more) of the famous pastry flavored with typical coastal lemons. Even better if you have it in front of the sea!

Basilica of Santa Trofimena

Villa Romana Ruins

What to see in Minori

Once you will arrive at your destination do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself and stop in one of the most famous pastry shops on the coast: Sal De Riso.
If you arrive in Minori by ferry, you will notice that the arrival port is right in front of it. Take the typical “Delizia al Limone” and espresso, you will get the right energy to start your visit to the City of Taste. 
The heart of Minori is the beautiful Basilica of Santa Trofimena around which the city has developed. Its scenic facade in light yellow color is visible from the seafront, and the ornamental shapes have become the true symbol of the city. Step inside and enjoy the stunning interior: under the main altar: there is a small crypt in Baroque style, in which the relics of the Saint from which the Basilica takes its name are kept. At the exit then, descending the steps, you will undoubtedly be struck by the blue of the sea just a few steps away. This is just one of the many beautiful spots that the Amalfi Coast has to offer!

Head now to the splendid Villa Romana Ruins, one of the most important Roman monuments on the Amalfi Coast. The visit to this old summer residence is free and very suggestive. Today this is an open-air art gallery that boasts 111 frescoes and mosaics and on the upper floor, it hosts the Antiquarium: a museum that keeps some objects from the Roman age.
The contrast between this ancient villa and the modern buildings that surround it is truly particular. It hosts various musical events and theatrical works in summer, which I recommend attending if you have the opportunity because it is a truly unmissable experience.


The Lemon Path

Lastly, a perfect end to your day could be an alternative walk through the Lemon Path, which connects Minori to the nearby Maiori. Here you will immerse yourself in the citrus scents and enjoy the unspeakable landscapes. Take an hour or two and follow my advice, I think there is no better way to end an already perfect visit.

Although it is small, this city will win you over for its peace and beauty. I am sure you will agree: the ancient Romans did know best!


  • Minori is nicknamed the "Narcissus of the Coast", for the particularity of its territory and the fertility of its land.
  • As archaeological research shows, Minori was the oldest inhabited site on the Amalfi Coast.
  • It was bitter enemy of Amalfi, with which fhought for the supremacy over the Coast.
  • It is currently a very culturally vital town. Every year, in summer, there are concerts, artistic and gastronomic events such as the "Gusta Minori", mélange of art, culture, entertainment and quality gastronomy.

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