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by Barbara Iovine

It is said that the Greek gods, to save Ulysses from the mermaids’ enchantment on the islands Li Galli, crossed a path that descends from Bomerano to Nocelle. This natural trail today known as the Path of the Gods is the most loved in the Campania area.

Its typical vegetation and landscapes’ beauty attracts indeed people from all over the world. The Path of Gods, surrounded by the sea, trees, and flowers, with the Amalfi Coast literally at its feet, will surely inebriate your soul with the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean scrub, giving you unforgettable feelings. You do not want to miss this.

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The view from the Path of the Gods

Useful tips

The Path of the Gods is a trekking route of unique beauty, suitable for all. Whether you are an adventurer or a couch potato, you can choose to walk it by yourself or rely upon an expert guide.
Journey times vary from 3 to 7 hours, but I suggest you don’t rush. The scenarios you will meet deserve your full attention, and I am sure you will forget to look at the clock once there.

My advice to you is to prefer comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes, a sun hat and of course to bring a good camera and a water bottle.
Start early in the morning, so you will partially avoid the hottest hours of the day, and keep in mind that this walk does not have many shady areas.

Now, if you are ready, let’s go discover this magical place! 

 The Path - Sign board

Goats on the Trail

The route between sea and mountains

Although it is possible to hike the path in both directions, I decided to start from Bomerano, thus proceeding slightly downhill, even though it still results quite challenging. In this way, walking with the mountain on the right and the sea on the left, the landscape is even more seductive. Proceeding along the road it is possible to see the entire coast that in all its majesty descends to the sea. An exciting glance at the most envied scenario in the world!
After a few meters, we will find Grotta Biscotto and its source of drinking water, and after a short flat stretch, Colle Serra, where there is Ettore Paduano’s epigraph, the hiker who rediscovered the path. Here a crossroads leads to the choice between a "low" and less demanding path on the left, and a "high" and slightly more bumpy path on the right. Both roads are a naturalistic paradise reuniting after a couple of km, although it is a common opinion that the path on the left is more characteristic. I decided to choose the low one, suitable for those who like me, are less experienced in trekking. Despite the effort, I assure you will not regret a second of this hike. Mother Nature must have been in a really good mood when she created this brightly colored and heady scented painting, filled with yellow lemons, green olive trees, and purple vineyards. Simply extraordinary.

The walk is challenging with the ups and downs and the winding path, but hold on because the unearthly beauty along this path will fully repay your effort. The ancient houses’ ruins, the caves’ glimpses, and the terraces will captivate you. Therefore, if you are lucky you can also run into a local who returns to his home ... on the back of a mule. A very characteristic old-world charm!

In some places, the path is very exposed and could cause some problems for those afraid of heights. I focused my attention on the views, on the green of nature lightened by the sunshine, and on the vivid colors of the coast. Memories that still make me dream. All along the path, it is not difficult to come across the many panoramic terraces where breathtaking views and fluttering butterflies will entice you to stop and take pictures. Take a break and rest yourself a little at the picnic tables overlooking the sea, worthy of the best-starred restaurants! In the distance, you will see the Faraglioni di Capri, Punta Penna, the arcipelago Li Galli and the Monti Lattari. I believe this is the most beautiful sight in the world… and you don’t even have to buy a ticket for it!




The Path of the Gods - Direction sign boards

Nocelle and the arrival on the beach in Arienzo

At the end of the path, near Nocelle, a kiosk pops out, like an oasis in the middle of the desert, where you can cool off with an excellent lemon granita. Just what it takes to tackle the last and perhaps the most challenging step of this long walk: the descent of about 1700 steps that will take us to Arienzo and Positano!
I am sure you will be tempted to post every detail on your socials as I did! The scene is so picturesque with the characteristic houses and the colored and scented flowers, fig-trees, and sweet kittens that will appear along the staircase. Once at my destination, very tired but still full of adrenaline, I finished my excursion by diving into the crystal clear water, the same sea I photographed from above!

You know, at the beginning of the path a tile shows Italo Calvino’s words: that path hanging over the magical Gulf of the Sirens which today still bears memories and myths.
After finishing the path,  I can say that it is true, the Path of the Gods really looks like a road suspended over the sea.
Walking along this path gives you such an adrenaline rush and fills your eyes and souls with immense beauty.

  • The Path has two variants: the "high" and the "low" paths. In Colle Serra, it forks in two paths at different altitudes that after a few kilometers meet.
  • The Italian Alpine Club assigns it a difficulty level "E". This means that it is a trekking route suitable for not only experts but, with the right attention, it is accessible to most people.
    The Path of the Gods is not suitable for children, people suffering from vertigo, and people with motor disabilities, due to very exposed stretches.
  • You can reach the Path with a service offered by Travelmar: a combination of a Travelmar ferry + shuttle, from any location on the Coast.
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useful tips

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