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The Amalfi Coast has a good public and private transportation system that allows you to get around its towns. You could use several means of transport, some of them are more comfortable and faster, others a bit more complicated and, especially in high season, very slow. Let’s discover the best ways to move around this beautiful land!

by Annalisa Russo

The Amalfi Coast is crossed by just one road: the State Road 163, also known as the Amalfi Drive. This is one of the most panoramic and spectacular routes in the world and the only one to connect all the localities of the Amalfi Coast.
Famous for its stunning views, it winds for about 50 km with just one lane per direction, even quite narrow, and numerous hairpin bends that may be difficult to cover by inexperienced drivers.
But don’t worry... here are some easy solutions for you to get around these towns optimizing your time!

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Positano - The port

Getting around by local ferries on the Amalfi Coast

Ferries are the most popular means of transport to avoid getting stuck in the traffic of State Road 163 during a hot summer day.

The fast ferry service  by Travelmar and other companies like this one will help you to get around the towns of the Amalfi Coast in a more easy way, enjoying at the same time, the sun, the sea, and the exceptional views of the Divine Amalfi Coast: from the sea it looks like a postcard! So, if you are looking for a comfortable and not too expensive solution we suggest the ferries Travelmar: they will ensure your transfers to and from the ports of Positano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare and Salerno. The city of Salerno, easily accessible by train, for example, is a good departing point to visit the entire Amalfi Coast. Its train station, as a matter of fact, is located near Piazza Concordia and the Masuccio Port from which the ferries depart towards the main holiday destinations.

This transportation service is also an excellent option to discover one of the most beautiful itineraries of the Amalfi Coast: the famous Path of the Gods. With a special ticket, ferry + shuttle with runs available in the morning and the afternoon, you can easily reach Piazza Capasso in Bomerano (Agerola), the departing point of the famous hiking trail.

Moreover, special ferry rides are scheduled for events like La Notte delle Lampare in Cetara, Il Gusta Minori, and Il Capodanno Bizantino in Amalfi, that every year take place on the Amalfi Coast.

With Travelmar it is also possible to book numerous excursions to iconic places on the Amalfi Coast and beyond, such as the tour of the Path of the Lemons, also combined with the tour of Amalfi and Positano or the tour to the archaeological Ruins of Pompeii.

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Getting around by public transports on the Amalfi Coast

The SITA buses are an excellent low-cost choice for moving around the towns of the Amalfi Coast.
If you decide to enjoy the bus rides, you have to be aware that during the high season you may deal with long waits or delays due to the traffic, overcrowding, and absence of night rides.
If you do not like to drive, you have a limited budget and you think that this is the best choice for your needs, check the website , for any further information about the timetable.
Before getting on the bus, remember to buy the bus ticket at the local bars or tobacco shops.

Furore - Amalfi Drive

Getting around by car or scooter on the Amalfi Coast

A good solution could be renting a car at the airport, station, or specific agencies of the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to this vehicle you will be autonomous but be aware that, especially in high season and during the weekends, you may face some difficulties such as the long journey time of the State Road and the difficult search for a parking space, because of the traffic jam and the large influx of tourists.

Renting a motorbike or scooter, instead, is the best solution if you want to visit the Amalfi Coast freely. Many specific agencies will fulfill your desire to drive a two-wheeled vehicle along one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the world.
This solution will allow you to get around more easily avoiding the problem of the traffic and parking and will give you the opportunity, at the same time, to stop along the lay-bys, perfect places to have a break to taste some local products from the several stands with a breathtaking view. To conclude, given the nature of this State Road, if you decide to rent a car, scooter, or motorbike, you must be an experienced and prudent driver.


Get around by taxi or hire a private driver

On the Amalfi Coast, taxi services are available even if there are no services like uber or similar, as in the rest of Southern Italy.
However, it is easy to find taxis able to carry up to 7 people and private cars authorized to make transfers to and from the airports, train stations, and the main holiday locations.
In both cases, the only downside could be the cost, quite expensive, and the limited availability during the high season. So, if you are interested in this option, I suggest you book it well in advance and only in case you need it, or if you travel in a group, in this way you will share the costs.

  • The ferry runs are available in the spring and summer months, usually from April to October.
  • Beware of the traffic jam: during summer and weekends, the 163 State Road is often congested because of the many private or rental cars and the many buses arriving on the Amalfi Coast.
  • If the sun hits beats down while you are stuck in your car, you can stop at one of the many kiosks along the road to enjoy a lemonade, an orange juice or a fresh granita.


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