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South of Sorrento, along a rocky coast of about 60 km, it is located one of the most characteristic and suggestive places in Italy: Amalfi.  Surrounded by scented lemon groves, vineyards, and small beaches, Amalfi will leave all its visitors breathless!

by Barbara Iovine

The entire coast has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and every year it welcomes tourists who want to spend their holidays in this magnificent corner of paradise from all over the world.
A lot of travelers arrive in Amalfi to spend an unforgettable day attracted by the healthy air, breathtaking landscapes, and good food. 

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How to get there

Reaching the Amalfi Coast by land is not always a good idea, because during high season there is a great risk of getting stuck in traffic. The coast is not only a destination for tourists but also for many locals who want to escape from the chaos of the city to relax and enjoy the nightlife in the most popular places around the area.
It is certainly more comfortable and less stressful to reach it by sea, thanks to the connections available with fast ferries departing from the port of Salerno. Not to mention the unique emotion of seeing Amalfi from the sea perspective: it really looks like a postcard!


Cathedral “Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo”

A day in Amalfi

If you can spend just one day of your tour in Amalfi, do not worry! Today I will show you how to get a stunning taste of it, in just 24 hours.

Absolutely worthy of a visit is the Duomo di Sant'Andrea, which is the perfect setting for your souvenir photos thanks to its scenic staircase,  together with its enchanting Chiosco, and the Museo della Carta (the Paper Museum). 

Paper plays indeed a very important role in Amalfi. In its ancient paper mills, it is possible to understand how it was produced with the power of water alone. You do not want to miss this experience if you are, like me, curious travelers! 

Returning to the square, it will be possible to remember the glorious past of this city with a visit to the Arsenale, the only naval port of the maritime past of Amalfi that can be visited in this area. It preserves its early medieval structures in a very suggestive environment and houses, in one of its two aisles, the Museo della Bussola e del Ducato Marinaro di Amalfi. Only by visiting this museum, you can truly have a clear vision of what the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi was like. In the other nave, however, depending on the period you visit, it is possible to attend conferences, classical and modern music concerts, and many other events of wide cultural interest.
You might even witness the preparations for very romantic civil weddings, with the suggestive setting of the medieval vaults of the Arsenale.

What I just described to you are the touristic treasures of Amalfi, but I am sure that the thing you will love the most is the city itself, with its narrow streets and its multiple intersections. Walking around the historic center is an unforgettable experience: you will surely be fascinated by the colorful craft shops and the typical restaurants overlooking the sea. After all, these little things are what truly make Amalfi one of the most evocative destinations in the world.

Lastly, it is impossible not to mention its crystalline sea, even if locals prefer to go swimming in the nearby Atrani, reachable on foot in about 10 minutes. In any case, a walk along the beach, perhaps enjoying a delicious ice cream, is a must!  



Fried fish

Not just views: Let's not forget about food

In order to start the day in the best possible way, a good breakfast is what you need: sfogliatelle frolle and ricce, a wide range of desserts prepared with the famous Amalfi lemons and a cappuccino or an orange juice. Those are just a few of the Amalfitan suggestions.

Roaming the narrow streets, you will surely come across several restaurants and trattorias, whose tasting menus will satisfy all clients.
Among the Mediterranean first courses, you will inevitably find on the menu: scialatielli with clams, strictly made with handmade pasta, paccheri with monkfish, paccheri alla genovese, and pasta with Neapolitan ragù.

Afterward, second courses of the local fish: fried fish, stuffed squid, grilled fish, and the typical octopus salad, together with a glass of good wine.

To finish the meal with a delicious touch, you cannot miss the renowned delizia al limone, a typical Amalfi dessert consisting of a sponge cake covered with delicate lemon cream, that you can have together with a good espresso.
A valid alternative to the delizia is the “ricotta and pera”, a cake made with the finest ricotta and pieces of pear: very light and tasty. After all this food, a nice digestive cannot be missing. Without a doubt, I suggest you choose the very famous liqueur Limoncello. You probably have tasted it already, but I assure you that none will ever be as good as the Amalfi one: produced by the processing of PGI Sfusato Amalfitano, a fragrant lemon typical of the coast, which is impossible to imitate.  

Amalfi is one of a kind. With its towering cliffs, quaint streets, and panoramic sea views it is a true Paradise on Earth.
As the poet Renato Fucini said: “The day of the Judgement, for those Amalfitans that go to Heaven, will be a day like any other”.   


Dishes to taste in Amalfi:

  • The Scialatielli with seafood at the Sensi Restaurant
  • Anchovies stuffed with provola ( smoked cheese ) at the Lido Azzurro restaurant 
  • The Sfogliatella Santa Rosa in Pasticceria Pansa 


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