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The highly anticipated GustaMinori event is back: now in its 27th edition, from September 22 to 24 Minori becomes an open-air theater with performances, music and culinary traditions. Don't miss it!

by Roberta Cascone

As summer comes to an end, the events on the Amalfi Coast don't stop! In fact, right at the end of September Minori hosts one of the most anticipated and long-lived on the Coast, GustaMinori. Now in its 27th edition, GustaMinori is different from the usual festivals, because it includes many different artistic and gastronomic activities, organized by Scabec Campania, the Pro Loco and the municipality of Minori. 

The title of this year's edition is "Mystico": it is a name that evokes a deep, spiritual atmosphere, created by the meeting-clash between the sacred and the profane. "This is a challenge that seeks to investigate the two heterogeneous dimensions, in order to give space for a great adventure of the spirit through suggestions and insights," said the event's artistic director Gerardo Buonocore. In fact, this year there will be as many as five theatrical scenes in five different sites, composing a single show, giving everyone the opportunity to appreciate important places in the city. GustaMinori 2023 is "theater, music, technological innovation, storytelling of current events," said Mr. Buonocore, with a view to an event immersed in art and nature. Let's find out in detail what's about to happen!

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GustaMinori 2023's program

GustaMinori is an event that combines the Streets of Art and the Streets of Taste: in fact, the village becomes an open-air theater and at the same time it will be possible to taste the goodness of the gastronomic tradition of the Coast. 

The absolute novelty this year is that participants will be able to stroll through the narrow streets of Minori and come across the 5 scheduled scenes, in a unique theatrical atmosphere. By following the Art Streets organized for the occasion, everyone will be able to watch the scenes following a precise itinerary and not miss a single moment of the show!
The five scenes will last 30 minutes each and will be repeated constantly until midnight. 
It all starts from the beautiful Basilica of Santa Trofimena, with the performance of the scene "Jesus": this is a one-of-a-kind work because it combines sacred content, with traditional religious music, and new technologies such as video-mapping.
It continues with "The Sin" in the Calata location, which features three deadly sins, envy, gluttony and lust, taking its cue from folk tradition tales. Immediately afterwards it is the turn of "I Am the Way and the Truth" at Largo de' Pastai, a show that deals with the sensitive issue of fundamentalism and denied faith. 
At Palazzo Gambardella on the main street, the play "God Enlisted" will take place, on the theme of faith being used as support for crime. Finally, on the sea, the last scene, "Another Road...," which looks at faith as a quest, as a path aimed at finding the meaning of life, is being performed. 

In short, this year's GustaMinori project is really ambitious and innovative and aims to bring many different arts, such as theater, poetry, music and dance to the most artistically and monumentally important places in the city.

GustaMinori's logo and the Basilica of Saint Trofimena

What's new in the 27th edition

Commenting on GustaMinori 2023, the director of the event, Gerardo Buonocore, said it will be three days of "immersion in the beauty of the arts, the beauty of taste, and the beauty of nature trails," emphasizing the great satisfaction of having reached the 27th year of shows. Also important is the decision to have moved the festival to the period of the transition from summer to autumn, at the end of September. The mayor of Minori Andrea Reale said he made this decision with a view to a process of "deseasonalization," introducing a real revolution in the GustaMinori event. The choice seems to be succeeding: thousands of foreign and foreign tourists are expected for the occasion, who have booked well in advance their vacation in Minori at the end of September.

How to attend

If you are wondering how to participate in GustaMinori 2023, I suggest you rely on the fast ferry company Travelmar! Special rides to and from Minori have been added this year, so everyone can enjoy the event well into the evening and stress-free!

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