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Salerno offers its visitors a mountain type tourism, able to enchant the trekking lovers with its trails among the unspoiled nature. The Prince’s Path is one of the most interesting, and for sure the most photographed, of them.

by Barbara Iovine

While Salerno is mostly popular for its sea promenade and the evocative view of its gulf,  it also has an appealing kind of mountain tourism. Its paths are surrounded by unspoiled nature and attract trekking lovers by offering them the opportunity to enjoy peaceful and calm trips.

One of the most interesting routes in the area is the Sentiero del Principe, which leads to the discovery of the majestic Castello di Arechi, accessible through the very scented mount Bonadies’ pine forest. It certainly is an excursion between nature and breathtaking landscapes that will make you feel unforgettable sensations!

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The Prince's Path - The view

From the Cathedral of San Matteo to the Cornice del Principe

Starting from the Cathedral of San Matteo, located in the historic center, you are at the foot of the steps of the so-called Montevergine staircase. This uphill stretch is the most challenging, but I assure you that you will forget any tiredness as soon as you catch sight of the first landscapes over the city. 

Let’s continue through the fragrant pine forest and in a short time we will reach the top of Mount Bonadies, where the magnificent Castello di Arechi is located, built by the Lombard prince from whom it takes its name. Thinking that we are retracing the footsteps of the ancient nobles is exciting and this feeling, combined with the scents and surrounding greenery, makes you forget the hectic modern lifestyle. It will give you real peace of mind! 

Once you get to the Castello di Arechi, you can enjoy an unforgettable view: it almost seems that the ancient fortress wants to embrace its coastal pearls, protecting them from above. I recommend you take some time and visit it because it is one of a kind: its stone structure, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and the fascinating ruins, will make everybody feel like they have gone back in time. After taking some photos to immortalize every corner of this magical place, the walk continues through an oak forest that leads to the Bastiglia, which stands on a suggestive rocky spur behind the Castle. This is where we begin our descent towards Salerno and, just near Croce Cava, passing through the chestnut woods, we reach a beautiful panoramic terrace where there is a cross that you will surely have seen from the city. Stop here for a moment to feel the magic atmosphere created by the view of the gulf in front of you and of the city at your feet. I think this is one of the most seductive panoramas. 

Ruins on the path

The path

However, the best is yet to come! Resuming the walk we will arrive at the real highlight of the whole route: the Cornice del Principe.
This sort of stone door suddenly appears into a strategic position enclosing the entire Gulf of Salerno in itself. It works like a frame with one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. It will feel like standing in front of a painting so beautiful that you will want to shake hands with the talented painter who made it. 

Even just experiencing this panorama through such a particular view is worth the entire route.
This is the last stop of this noble path and continuing the descent you will finally return to the beautiful Salerno. Even if your legs are tired from the covered kilometers,  your soul will be full of joy and there is nothing better than a typical fish-based dinner on the sea promenade to recharge your batteries.

I am sure that after this day you will look at the city with new eyes, and you will look forward to return to live more exciting experiences!


La Cornice del Principe, photocredits

The Bastiglia

  • The Sentiero del Principe is a medium-difficult hike, with some uphill sections, especially at the beginning.
  • There are several trails that you can follow, but I recommend the most complete one which takes more or less 4 hours, stops included, to admire the fantastic views that this path has to offer.
  • Surely the choice of the outfit is fundamental: comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for a long walk are the best options. Also, don't forget your water bottle, since there is a lack of refreshment points, and, if you have a sweet tooth like me, bring some snacks as well!


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