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Do you know the best ingredients to spend a dreamy day on the Amalfi Coast? Try a mix of sun, sea, relaxation, and comfort! You can find it all in the best beach clubs in the area.

by Barbara Iovine

The Amalfi Coast is chosen every year by people from all over the world, including VIPs, as a destination to spend unforgettable beach holidays. The people here look for all the comforts that could be found also in luxury hotels (or yachts) and the beach clubs are the perfect choice to have all of this! 
Try and imagine a perfectly equipped beach: sunbeds, umbrellas, comfortable poufs, cool drinks, a crystal clear sea, whirlpools, saunas, and music as entertainment. That's all you will need to take your holiday to a higher level.
Read below to find out about some of the best Beach Clubs on the Amalfi Coast.

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Amalfi Coast

 1. Arienzo Beach Club - Positano

This is the right place for those who want privacy but still want to stay in the city center of Positano. There are two different ways to reach the place: you can go down (and then go up) 300 steps, starting from the state road, or you can choose the faster and more suggestive one, going by sea. Probably after a day spent in the sun and after a few drinks, going up the route may not be a great choice, it is better to rely on the boat service that from the central pier of Positano reaches the club in just 5 minutes. Once in this enchanting location, you can relax and enjoy the fantastic panorama, having the famous local drinks served directly to your sunbed.
Do not miss the opportunity to taste also the typical local cuisine, served at the intimate tables on the wooden pergola.
I am sure you will be looking forward to coming back here! 

2. La Scogliera - Positano 

If you are looking for a small unspoiled paradise, and you don't want to give up an exclusive environment, La Scogliera will be a perfect choice! It is nestled between the rock and has a wonderful view of the Li Galli archipelago just in front of it: this is a truly enchanting place and has also an impeccable service that pampers customers throughout their stay.
In addition to the super-equipped solarium with deckchairs, sofas, and tables, here you will find a catering service of the highest quality, with traditional dishes accompanied by excellent locally produced wines, which you can enjoy both in the dining room and comfortably at your beach umbrella. In addition, at sunset, this beach club turns into a lounge bar, with music and cocktails, and in the evening the sun loungers are available for guests to fully enjoy the romantic charm of the city in the moonlight.
Here you will have relaxation and fun!  

3. Conca del Sogno Beach Club - Nerano

To reach Conca del Sogno you can take a dirt road from the beach of Nerano or, again, prefer the boat. Surrounded by wild nature, this club is equipped with all the necessary comforts for a perfect wellness day, and it is the favorite stay of Hollywood stars who get off their yachts to sip a sgroppino, a prosecco drink, and lemonade, enjoying the view of the Li Galli islets in the distance.
Here you will find seats, sofas, a bar, and kitchen service, and you can also enjoy the beautiful terrace which in the evening can be used for romantic dinners under the moonlight: the perfect location to regenerate yourself. 

4. One Fire Beach Club - Praiano

The One Fire Beach Club is the place where nature blends with fun! This club is set on the rock and does not have a real beach, but only a platform and rocks overlooking the sea that is the right place if you want to party.
Here the sun sets late, ideal for sunbathing, and, with the pleasant musical accompaniment in the background that creates a festive mood, it is always the right time to have an apéritif made of typical local products of great quality. There is also an unmissable traditional moment called the rite of watermelon: before offering it to all the guests you can watch the “acrobatic” cutting of the fruit, which takes place to the rhythm of the music.
A truly bizarre and fun "party"!

5. Lido degli Artisti - Amalfi

On the stony beach of Duoglio, near Amalfi, you will find one of the most authentic beach clubs in the area, with overhanging walls that frame an incredible crystalline sea. Compared to the other clubs this is more of a "rustic" place, but you will still have a perfect day: it is equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, and catering service all day, so you wouldn't miss anything.
Furthermore, this is the favorite place for those who appreciate water sports: there is no shortage of windsurfing, who are ready to have fun in this super suggestive location!

6. Otium - Minori

This beach club is inspired by the thermal baths of the ancient Romans: the purpose is to recreate an environment where to practice "otium", the beautiful art of doing nothing. The structure is organized in two different "areas": the one dedicated exclusively to the spa, in the center of Minori, near the Roman villa, and the bathing establishment.
The latter is a real gem where, besides having the sea with umbrellas, deck chairs, and poufs available, you will find a second small spa area, where you can enjoy the swimming pool, a whirlpool tub, emotional showers, sauna, and cold showers.
How can you not relax in such a structure?!

  • Most of the beach clubs have double access: by land, descending numerous steps from the main road, and by sea, with boat service often organized by the Beach Clubs themselves.

  • Arienzo Beach Club is very popular, we advise you to book in advance your place on the beach and the table on the restaurant terrace. Arienzo's boat leaves from the central pier of Positano from 10:00 to 13:00 every 30 minutes. The returns are scheduled from 15.45 until late afternoon.

  • Due to the presence of rocks, the Conca del Sogno is generally not suitable for children.

  • The Barman of the Conca del Sogno Beach Club is ready to recommend fruit drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, all made with local products. They are ideal to freshen up during the hottest hours.



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