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If you want to spend an unforgettable Ferragosto in the most exclusive city of the Amalfi Coast, Travelmar has the perfect solution for you! Buy the "Fuochi di Ferragosto" itinerary and admire the most incredible fireworks displays of summer 2023 from the sea!

by Roberta Cascone

Summer is truly a magical season for the Amalfi Coast: patron saint holidays, festivals and religious festivities follow one another throughout the summer and attract thousands of visitors every year. The highlight is definitely Ferragosto: in the central week of August, the Coast is more alive than ever due to the large number of tourists and special events are organized every day. This culminates on August 15 with fireworks displays in Maiori and Positano, which are literally taken by storm by locals and tourists alike-no one wants to miss such a unique and exceptional event! If you are wondering if there is a way you can avoid the crowds and still enjoy the festivities, read on to find out how!

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Fireworks on the Amalfi Coast

What’s so special about Ferragosto?

The term Ferragosto comes from the Latin "Feriae Augusti," meaning "the rest of Augustus." It was established by the emperor Augustus himself in 18 B.C. and referred to a period of rest and celebration placed at the conclusion of the end of agricultural work. It was obviously a way for the emperor to celebrate himself, but also for the people to rest and enjoy themselves after their long labors in the fields. In Roman times the feast fell on August 1, but the Catholic Church decided to move it to the 15th so that it would coincide with the religious feast of the Assumption of Mary.
Finally, it was during the Fascist period that the popular tradition of the Ferragosto tourist trip was born: on these days, in fact, the regime organized popular trips at reduced prices to give everyone the opportunity to visit cities of art, go to the seaside or to the mountains. The tradition has continued to this day, since August itself is the month when so many businesses close, people have more free time and take their vacations after a busy year.

The 2023 Ferragosto fireworks on the Amalfi Coast: details of the event

This year, the highlight of Ferragosto will be fireworks displays in Maiori and Positano. To see them both without the stress of parking, which is expensive and difficult to find, the fast ferry company Travelmar has organized an ad hoc itinerary, called "Fuochi di Ferragosto."

Departure is scheduled from Salerno at 9:30 pm. The ferry will also make stops in Minori (10 p.m.) and Amalfi (10:15 p.m.) and then stop off Positano. At the end of the event you will return to the starting point. 

The itinerary will allow you to watch the shows from a privileged position: from the sea, with the lights reflecting on the water and illuminating the characteristic colorful houses of the coastal villages, you will feel like you are living a dream! 

In short, if you also want to spend an unforgettable Ferragosto come to the Coast and choose Travelmar!

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  • For all information and to purchase the ticket for the itinerary "Fuochi di Ferragosto" click here! Select the itinerary, departure point and number of passengers - you're done!

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