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Throughout the winter there are plenty of events not to be missed in Cetara: with "Le Notti Azzurre: Winter Edition" the fishing village will come alive with lights, shows, food events and more!

by Roberta Cascone

Winter 2023 in Cetara is shining! Just over the course of the next few months the seaside village will be the location of a series of events of many different kinds. On the occasion of the inauguration, Mayor Fortunato della Monica said, "The tourist and cultural initiatives that we are proposing focus on the hospitality of Cetara so that it becomes an attractive destination for families, young people, groups of friends and curious people who already know the coast, but not entirely our beautiful village that has so much to offer, 365 days a year." And indeed, the program of events is jam-packed - you're sure to find one that suits you!

If you love good food and are passionate about wine, Friday evenings you can participate in "Calice! Alici al calice," which celebrates the harmony between fine wines and local cuisine. 

On the other hand, if you are interested in traditions, you can't miss the night of December 7-8, when Cetara celebrates the Immaculate Conception with a characteristic procession with devotional songs at first light. 

Want to let your kids experience the magic of Christmas? Don't worry, Cetara has thought of that too! As the holidays approach, there will be raffles and pottery workshops, as well as many evenings with shows and entertainment for the little ones.

But it doesn't end there! There are also culinary contests, theater performances, literary prizes... you name it! Read on to find out the events in detail!

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"Calice! Alici al calice": the adventure of taste

For food and wine enthusiasts, "Calice! Alici al Calice" is truly the perfect event: it is a journey through the rich culinary and wine tradition of the Cetara area, held in the stunning setting of the Vicereale Tower and its "Museo Cantina," right by the sea. 
The protagonists of this occasion are pairings between selected wines and local cuisine dishes based on the world-famous colatura di alici (anchovy sauce), as well as show cooking performances. Each meeting has a different theme and participants will not only be able to taste Cetara wines and delicacies, but also enjoy the advice of experts involved in the event, including producers, fishermen and restaurant owners.
The next events are set, again on Friday evenings at 8 p.m., on Dec. 1, 19 and Jan. 26. If you are a foodie, you absolutely cannot miss it!

"Calice" Alice al calice" event's poster

The Immaculate Conception: a Cetara tradition

Every year, on the night of Dec. 7-8, there is a traditional event that is close to the hearts of all Cetaresi, namely the procession for the Immaculate Conception. At first light, the statue of the Virgin Mary, kept in the Church of St. Francis, is carried on the shoulders through the streets of the town by the village youth. The ancient custom was that it was only men who followed the procession and participated in it with devotional songs, since in the past, once it was over, they would head straight to the marina to go fishing. Today this is no longer the case: the Marian feast is strongly felt in Cetara and now the whole population takes part in it! 
But that is not all! On the same night, in fact, a fish dinner is prepared in every home, with the inevitable spaghetti with colatura di alici (anchovy sauce), baccalà (salt cod), frittura di paranza (fried fish) and, to top it all off, the first Christmas sweets, such as mostaccioli and roccocò. Finally, the night is made even more evocative by the presence of live bands and the lighting of bonfires that illuminate and warm the Cetaresi as they wait for the procession. It is truly a magical moment for the whole village!

The Notti Azzurre for the youngest

The Notti Azzurre in Cetara have something in store for everyone, even the youngest! 

One of the most original events scheduled for this year is the "Ezio Falcone" Gastronomic Contest, which will feature a competition between very young chefs. On December 9, these will compete at the Hotel Cetus in a battle of delicacies, whose main ingredient will again be the colatura di alici di Cetara DOP, and will be judged by a jury of experts, who will elect the best chef in the province!

Children will also have events dedicated to them: on December 15 they can feel like real artisans by participating in the "Let's play with ceramics" workshop in Piazza San Francesco. It is definitely the most fun way possible to bring them closer to the most famous manufacturing tradition of the Amalfi Coast! 

Finally, while waiting for Santa Claus and the Befana, children will be involved in tombola, games and animations... there will be nothing to get bored about!

In short, Cetara has thought of everything: come and experience the magic of its Notti Azzurre!

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The "Notti Azzurre: Winter Edition" schedule

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  • The price of the tasting ticket for the event "Calice! Alici al Calice" is 15 euros. Reservations are recommended because places are limited (max 40 people). Useful contacts are:
    WhatsApp +39 3894770914

a few tips

  • There is an old Cetarese proverb referring to the meal of the feast of the Immaculate Conception that says, "a 'Maculat Cuncezion sei ducat 'o sparaglione." The meaning is related to the price of sparaglione, an underappreciated fish that is sold at an exaggerated price either because of a lack of the catch in the winter period or because fishermen take advantage of the Christmas holidays to unfairly increase its price.

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