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The villages of the Amalfi Coast are a popular destination for families with children. Follow our tips to enjoy a stress-free vacation!

by Roberta Cascone

Because of its conformation, visiting the Amalfi Coast with children might seem like an impossible task for parents. Don't worry, this is absolutely not the case! However, you need to keep in mind some basic points when organizing a vacation on the Coast with children in tow. Follow our advice and you will enjoy your well-deserved vacation even more!

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A family in Positano

Useful tips

Before booking your stay, I advise you to keep in mind that there is no railway line on the Coast. 

For travel from one place to another, prefer ferries: they are convenient, fast and generally less crowded than buses. Travelmar connects all the towns on the Coast and operates from April to October: since the service varies depending on weather conditions, always remember to check the website to see if it is active! Just click on the following link: 

An alternative is the Sita buses, but in high season they are busier than usual, and traveling on foot with children on roads full of twists and turns could be difficult and stressful for you and them. 

If, on the other hand, you reach the Coast by car, you must remember that the roads are difficult to navigate, often narrow and tangled, and very busy, especially during peak season.

Finally, some coastal villages are sheer above the sea, such as the stunning Positano, and if you are traveling with baby carriages or strollers you are sure to encounter many stairways. 

Keeping these pointers in mind will make it easier to plan your vacation, free of all stress and worries!

The perfect venues for both young and old

Of all the towns on the Coast there are some that are most suitable for a stay with children in tow. Let's see which ones are the best!

Minori is an ideal choice because it is flat; it offers a series of small equipped or public beaches adjacent to the waterfront, which is also full of small restaurants and typical stores, very close to the town center.

Maiori is an equally good destination. Here the range of restaurants and services is even higher than in Minori; in addition, there are both beaches and a playground on the seafront that is beloved by children.

Amalfi is easily accessible and is also very well connected with the other towns on the Coast. Although it is very crowded in high season, it also offers many attractions for children, such as a playground near the port and the Paper Museum, which also organizes guided tours for youngsters.

Activities and attractions

From beaches to green parks, boat rides to museums, the Amalfi Coast offers plenty of activities to get the whole family involved. Here are some ideas to keep young and old entertained

  • In addition to the beaches in Minori, Maiori, and Amalfi, the one in Atrani is also suitable for children, being sheltered from the wind by a barrier of rocks and having a sandy seabed.
  • If you cannot face long distances on foot, a ferry ride is for you! With Travelmar, not only will you be able to visit the Coast more quickly and economically, but both adults and children will love observing the towns from the sea: with houses of a thousand colors perched on the rocks, the spectacle is assured!
  • The Ferriere Valley in Amalfi offers easy nature trails suitable for families with children. Full of streams, waterfalls and lots of greenery, it is a perfect place to spend a day in contact with nature and to admire the ancient water mills that were used to produce the famous Amalfi paper.
  • Also in Amalfi, a stop not to be missed is the Paper Museum, which offers reduced rates to children under 12 for both the guided tour of the museum and the Handmade Experience, which allows everyone to create a sheet of paper with their own hands.
  • Another fascinating cultural destination is the Roman Archaeological Museum in Positano. Under the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, just a few steps from the seafront, you can access a Roman-era villa whose frescoes and structures can be admired. The visit has a short duration and is ideal especially for curious children!
  • Among the many parks and gardens on the Coast, which we have told you about in depth here, there are some with equipped areas ideal for entertaining children: in Salerno, the Irno Park and Pinocchio Park host green areas and an amphitheater that hosts events and entertainment activities. Pinocchio Park also features a bronze statue of the world-famous wooden child made by Antonio Petti, and children can walk through the park and discover its history through the colorful mosaics that decorate the pavement.
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  • Your backpack should never lack sunscreen, a water bottle and a pocket umbrella to deal with sudden rains. Also, if you are traveling with small children, I recommend baby backpacks or the classic baby carrier to avoid hindrances with strollers.
  • Always remember to wear comfortable shoes! You will cope better with the stairs of the Coastal villages!

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