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The town of Amalfi is preparing for an unforgettable summer! The Amalfi Summer Fest kicks off on July 5: a series of musical events, theater shows and concerts that will enliven the town throughout the summer. Let's find out together what's cooking!

by Roberta Cascone

Summer 2024 transforms Amalfi into a large outdoor amphitheater. The municipal administration has planned many events that will cover a time span from July to September: this is the Amalfi Summer Fest, one of the most varied, cheerful and interesting events of the year! In fact, the festival is a crossover of genres, including Italian music remixed in dance, rock, jazz, black music and gospel atmospheres. If music is one of your passions, there is sure to be the perfect night for you! 
In addition to music, there will also be room for theater and culture: read on to find out the program in detail.
In addition, the shows will take place in the fantastic setting of Piazza Duomo, where the lights will be turned off except those that illuminate the architecture and the staircase of the Cathedral of St. Andrew, to make it all even more evocative and spectacular.
Summer evenings in the capital of Italy's most beautiful Coast will be even more magical!

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The Cathedral during the festival. Ph by the municipality of Amalfi

Guests and innovations of this year's festival

The Summer Fest always has many surprises in store, and this year, too, it does not disappoint.
Events curator Enza Cobalto stressed the festival's international vocation: "We will have jazz in all its nuances, from interplay and jazz improvisation to pop-jazz, with great Italian and international resounding voices, including Simona Molinari and Ana Carla Maza. We will be swept away by the magic of the acoustic Sunset Concert with Lucy Kiely and Cherubino Fariello. We will dance with Paolo Belli's Big Band and with exciting shows inspired by great Italian music remixed in a disco music key."
And that's not all! The final evening in Piazza Duomo will be the occasion for the performance of Arisa, an artist with an incredible voice appreciated throughout the Boot. 
Other innovations in sight are the tribute evenings to Motown Sound and the spread of the R&B genre and Cover Night, in which the absolute protagonist will be disco music. 
But the Amalfi Summer Fest is not limited to music: the show "Scene d'aMare" will be dedicated to theater and literature and will feature writer Maurizio de Giovanni, and actors Rosaria De Cicco, Alessio Sica, Paolo Cresta and many others.
The town's cultural heritage, on the other hand, will be celebrated by Borghi in Festa, a traveling event among all the hamlets of Amalfi, and children, finally, will love the program dedicated to them, namely the Summer of Children. 

In short, no one will be disappointed! 

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All upcoming events

The festival will kick off with "Amalfi in Jazz" every Friday in July: it will be inaugurated on Friday, July 5, by Simona Molinari, one of Italy's best-known jazz artists; on the 12th it will be the turn of the Motown Project Band; then on the 19th it will be Matthew Lee’s turn; and on the 26th Ana Carla Maza, a young Cuban singer, will close the event with her Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies. 
Scene d'aMare” debuts instead on Thursday, July 25.
On Friday, August 2, the Sunset Concert returns with Lucy Kiely and Cherubino Fariello on guitar, illuminated only by the colors of twilight.
Also, August will be the young people’s most loved month, since the town squares will turn into open-air discos: on Friday, August 9, the Bruno Mars Tribute Band will perform, reintroducing the public to the biggest hits of the world-famous pop star. In addition, there will be unrestrained dancing in Piazza Duomo on Wednesday, August 14, the eve of Ferragosto, with Frankie and Canthina Band, and on Thursday, August 29, with Febbre Italiana, the disco night in Piazza Municipio.
Paolo Belli and his band will headline the evening of Friday, August 23, with an engaging and entertaining show.
The grand finale of the Summer Fest will be celebrated from August 31 to September 2 with the Byzantine New Year’s Day, the event dedicated to the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi, and with Arisa's exclusive concert in Piazza Duomo on day 2. 

So mark on your planner all the must-see events: music, art and culture will make Amalfi's summer even more special!

Pics of past editions of the festival. Credits: the municipality of Amalfi

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  • Amalfi Summer Fest evenings start from 9 p.m. onwards: be sure to get to Amalfi a little early if you don't want to have trouble with parking! A cheaper and more comfortable alternative to the car are Travelmar ferries: check their website for schedules and rides!

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