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Are you planning your next trip on the Amalfi Coast and looking for authentic experiences? You must try the Italian Passeggiata! But what is that? Read on and find out more about it!

by Roberta Cascone

For many travelers, looking for authenticity is one of the main goals of their journey. Are you one of them? Not only do authentic experiences allow you to know a place, but also to connect with another culture and other routines, and to live like someone else, even if it is only for a few days. Looking for authenticity in Italy - above all on the Amalfi Coast - is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure! 

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The passeggiata in Positano

Living La Dolce Vita

The Amalfi Coast is one of the coolest and trendiest corners of the so-called Belpaese: so many celebrities spend their vacations there, in luxury hotels or on magnificent yachts; the food is delicious and the views are breathtaking. Here you will be able to experience “La Dolce Vita”, that kind of carefree and worldly lifestyle that over the decades has become the symbol of Italianness abroad. 
La Dolce Vita is not only for the rich, but it can also be experienced in the little things, such as in a simple passeggiata! You, too, must have heard about the Italian passeggiata, which has become famous thanks to social media and travel bloggers: but what is so special about it and why do tourists love it so much?

What is the Italian Passeggiata?

The passeggiata is an ancient Italian ritual. As the sun sets, you will notice that many Italians have the habit of walking slowly along the main streets of the city centers or the waterfronts, in the case of coastal towns. It is a simple, casual stroll, and a moment to meet friends and family and spend time with them. Moreover, it is a custom shared by young people, families with children, and the elderly: Italians usually dress up and walk for hours along the same street, glancing at store windows or taking a short break at a bar for an aperitif or coffee. The passeggiata is a chance for catching up and gossiping about the latest news: it is truly a social event for the entire community!

The Passeggiata on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the perfect location for the Italian passeggiata! You will be able to walk along the alleys of the worldwide famous villages perched over the sea while admiring some of the most beautiful views all over the world. Make a stop every now and then to take pictures for your social media and to taste the unique and delicious specialties of the local cuisine. The residents of the coastal towns, too, love to meet and spend some quality time with family and friends: join them in these incredible venues, you won’t regret it!

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The main venues for the Passeggiata on the Amalfi Coast

In Maiori and Minori, the lungomare (waterfronts) are perfect for strolling; in Minori, you can also buy one of the wonderful pastries from the Sal de Riso Patisserie and enjoy it while walking-it will be heaven for the senses!

In Amalfi, on the other hand, the main Corso that goes up along the village starts from the Piazza del Duomo: here, too, the walk is enriched by the aromas of the restaurants and the colors of the typical local stores.

Positano's main street, then, needs no introduction: it is covered with pergolas (in bloom in the summer months) and filled with luxury boutiques. You will feel like you are in a dream!

Finally, Salerno's magnificent Trieste lungomare deserves a mention: it is a pedestrian area about 1.5 km long that runs along the sea while offering shelter from the sun and plenty of benches on which to sit and admire the view. 

In short, the Italian passeggiata is so much more than just a walk: it is an unmatchable experience that will stay in your heart forever!

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  • During the last century, in Italy, walking the central streets of the city was also an opportunity for parents to show off their daughters of marriageable age, hoping to catch the interest of a suitor!
  • Sometimes Italians refer to the walk with dialectal phrases, such as "let's go for a few laps," which precisely emphasize the mechanical movement of walking the same street several times.

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