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Now in its sixteenth edition, the Palio delle Botti (Palio of the Barrels) of the Wine Cities returns to Furore in 2024 as well! The appointment is set for April 6, don't miss it!

by Roberta Cascone

I don't know if you know this, but in Furore, a quaint village famous for its "fjord," some of the best wines of the Amalfi Coast are produced. You may wonder how it is possible that in such a steep terrain there are miles of vineyards: this happens thanks to ingenious terracing! For centuries now, the Amalfi Coast has been cultivating by creating on the steep and craggy coast these terraces that follow the course of the rock below. In this way space for cultivation has been created out of nothing and it has been possible to plant rows and rows of vines from which the famous Furore Bianco and Rosso are born. These wines have even obtained the prized DOC designation! If you are a wine lover and would like to learn more about it, I have discussed it in detail in this article.
Wine is so important to Furore that the town today is a member of the Wine Cities National Association along with many other Italian towns that have made wine production their strong point. And it is precisely this Association that organizes the exciting Palio delle Botti (literally the Palio of the Barrels) every year. Read on to learn more!

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The Wine Cities National Association and the Palio delle Botti

The Wine Cities Association was established in Siena in 1987. It brings together all Italian municipalities that have PDO or PGI wine production, that is, closely linked to the territory, with the aim of protecting the traditions, history and wine culture of these cities. 
In addition, the association collaborates on sustainable development projects, paying great attention to the protection of the landscape and territory, as well as to the enhancement of wine production. Precisely for this reason, great importance is given to all those activities that can support Italian wine and wine tourism, and among the many planned initiatives there is also one that combines the love of wine with that of sport: it is the Palio delle Botti!
The Palio began in 2007 as an event to celebrate the Association's 20th anniversary. It was immediately a great success with the public and prompted many cities to join the competition and get involved. Numerous friendships have been born and consolidated over the past 15 years precisely because of the event: in fact, the palio has helped bring together different cities, from the North to the South of Italy, and athletes of all ages and backgrounds. 

Competitions are held starting in April according to a specific schedule, culminating in the most important event: the Spinta della Botte final (literally the Barrels’ Push) where the winning cities will be crowned! The finals, which are always held in October, are a truly festive occasion for the host city: in addition to the men's and women's competitions, there are promotional booths, games and activities to enliven the event.

The Barrels' Push in Furore. Ph by

The 2024 edition and the event's program in Furore

The final of the 2023 edition was held in Furore itself, which will instead host the first competition this year, on April 6. The other competitions will be held in as many wine cities (for the full schedule go to the “Fun Facts” box below). In addition, a women's category has also been established since 2022, so each city will participate with "pusher" athletes in both categories and as a result there will be two winning teams! The goal of the participants is to roll a 500-liter capacity barrel along paths of varying lengths, and cross the finish line first.

The races in Furore will be run as follows: for the men, they will race on a course of about 1,000 meters that is a steady climb with an average gradient of 6 percent. There will be two pushers for each team. For the women, on the other hand, the course will be about 400 meters and again there will be two runners per team. 
The event attracts many fans and onlookers at each stage, but in Furore it has an even greater resonance, since the Palio takes place along one of the most fascinating roads in Italy: the Amalfi Coast’s spectacular hairpin bends overlooking the sea. 
Here is the schedule for Saturday, April 6 in detail!
Participants will meet at 11 a.m. After lunch, the teams will be introduced, after which the women's and men's qualifiers will be held. The women's competition will be held at 5 pm and the men's at 5:30 pm. This will end with the award ceremony at 6:30 pm. 
In short, take advantage of the Palio delle Botti to return to Furore: it is an opportunity not to be missed!

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  • The schedule for the sixteenth edition of the Palio delle Botti can be found at the following link
  • The finals of the 2023 edition held in Furore ended with the victory of teams from Avio (TN) for men and Maggiora (NO) for women. 
  • Interested in the Palio regulations? Click here to read them. 

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