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Erchie is a small fishing village, located in an inlet between Cetara and Maiori, quite hidden from those who do not know the Amalfi Coast well. Those lucky enough to visit it, define it as an “amphitheater with a sea view” and can't help but fall in love with it. 

by Barbara Iovine

The small village of Erchie is a fraction of the municipality of Maiori, near Salerno, set in a valley and surrounded by the Lattari mountains. Its small beach is the city’s heart and during summer is one of the liveliest in the area. Enclosed between the two Saracen watchtowers, this wonderful beach has one of the most crystalline seas of the entire coast. The village is uncontaminated: due to the small size of the territory, this area is restricted so cars and motorcycles can not access it. This is the reason why the purity of the air and nature is so well-preserved. Unlike the other coastal cities, Erchie is a bit hidden, but once you discover it, you will see a real paradise on earth.

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The small village of Erchie

The arrival in Erchie: romantic walks and “cuoppi di pesce”

You can get to Erchie by car or by any other means of transportation, carefully following the street signs along the main coastal road.
However, as anticipated,  you can only get to the city center on foot. No harm done! It is certainly a pleasure to walk through the magnificent streets, full of shops and kiosks, while the irresistible aroma of local delicacies is in the air. Treat yourself and taste the many specialties Erchie has to offer: a plate of ndunderi (a type of fresh handmade pasta, typical of Minori), Gragnano pasta, Tramonti ricotta, or also the limoncello.
The real specialty of the place, however, is the “cuoppo”: a paper cone full of fried fish. Absolutely unmissable!


Torre La Cerniola

The heart of the village: the beach and its saracen towers

You will arrive at the beach of Marina di Erchie, which is about 200 meters long, going down a long series of steps, surrounded by the view of a breathtaking panorama. The beach is ringed by rocky walls covered with Mediterranean vegetation, and from there you can see the typical small houses on the slopes. This small beach is enclosed between two great testimonies of the past: the Saracen watchtowers. The first tower on the left is Torre La Cerniola, the best preserved on the Amalfi Coast, made of limestone and surrounded by a vast cliff.
Today it has become an accommodation facility. The second one, on the right, is Torre Capo Tummolo, which unfortunately has been almost completely destroyed by time and atmospheric conditions.

The beaches: Cauco, Sgarrupo and the hidden coves

The main beach is equipped with two bathing facilities offering deck chairs, umbrellas, sunbeds, and bar service, but it is very small and could be crowded, as well as the free one. However, the real treasures of Erchie are the many isolated and well hidden coves, reachable by sea. Although these are not equipped beaches, it will not be difficult to meet "peddlers" who will bring cold drinks, coffee, and snacks with their boats, in order to make the bathers' day perfect! 

The most coveted of these (and also the biggest) is the Cauco beach: surrounded by spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea and about 150 meters long. It can be reached by boat from the main beach, crossing a rocky promontory, or even with a short swim. This rocky and pebbly beach has crystal clear water and it is the ideal place for those seeking a more peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, although there are rocks in the middle of the sea where you can lie and relax in the sun, the time to sunbathe is limited because in the early afternoon, due to the high cliff that overlooks this beach, the shadow takes over. 
Another noteworthy cove is Sovrano Beach. This is better known as the Sgarrupo — a dialect word for “cliff”, “dirupo” in Italian— because it is located at the bottom of a deep valley surrounded by hills. This one is sunnier than the other and, for this reason, it is also more crowded. Officially it can only be reached by sea, but the more experienced bathers that know the area well walk through an alternative steep path, certainly riskier and not easy to cross.

Erchie may be a very small village and not the most popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, but it is one of the most suggestive destinations for sure.


  • The name of the village probably came from a temple dedicated to Hercules, even if there is no reliable information until 979, when the Benedictine monastery of S. Maria de Erchi was founded.
  • Erchie is a windy place and for this reason it is an ideal site for surf lovers.
  • Torre la Cerniola was the scene in the commercial of a famous tuna, in which the actor Kevin Costner starred.
  • According to Skyscanner, Erchie is among the 15 best beaches in Italy thanks to its landscape, crystalline water and deep - sea.

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