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Do you have little time to devote to your summer vacation but still dream of enjoying the best of the Amalfi Coast in summer? With the fast ferry company Travelmar you can visit as many as three coastal villages in a single day thanks to the brand new "Piccoli Borghi" tour, which will take you to discover Minori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare! Read on for all the details!

by Roberta Cascone

On the Amalfi Coast there is so much to see, so many experiences to enjoy, and so many events to participate in. However, not everyone can devote a lot of time to vacationing, and sometimes you are forced to make sacrifices. Not anymore! Brand new for 2023, Travelmar's "Piccoli Borghi" tour allows you to explore as many as three Coastal towns in a single day, arriving conveniently by sea. You will be able to choose from three departure points, Salerno Concordia, Amalfi or Positano, and with one ticket you will be taken from one village to the next at set times. Between departures you will also have several hours to be able to visit the villages and appreciate them thoroughly, without any rush or anxiety! 

The stops are in three of the most characteristic towns on the Coast: these are Minori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare, all rich in history and breathtaking scenery. Find out what there is to see in each of them!

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The small and delicious Minori

In Minori you will find an enchanting promenade very close to the center of the town, full of small restaurants and little stores. Not only that: here you can taste some of the best desserts on the Coast at the renowned Sal de Riso pastry shop! Lemon delights, babas, cakes to all tastes-you'll be spoiled for choice! Tasting these goodies in front of the crystal clear sea is an added value: an unmissable multi-sensory experience!

The fishing village of Cetara

Cetara is another unmissable stop on the Tour. Famous all over the world for its anchovy fishing and the production of typical DOP products such as colatura, it is a village very attached to its seafaring traditions and still preserves its authenticity. On the beach you can admire the Vicereale Tower built in the 16th century for defensive purposes, which now houses the Civic Museum. A few steps away from there is the center, where instead you should not miss a tasty dish of spaghetti with colatura di alici, to end your Cetarese experience at its best!

Minori and Cetara

The colorful Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is also known as the Capital of Ceramics. Here, in fact, ceramic work has a long tradition, dating back to the Middle Ages, and today it is one of the most famous manufactures on the entire Coast. Among the alleys of Vietri you will find dozens and dozens of stores selling colorful ceramic objects and souvenirs of all kinds and for all budgets. In addition, just a short walk from the historic Solimene Factory, you can also admire ceramics in the Villa Comunale (a public park), where they decorate the handrails and walls, in a space that is reminiscent of Barcelona's Parc Güell in terms of architectural forms and colors.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Travelmar's magnificent news and don’t give up on your summer plans!

Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

The public park in Vietri sul Mare

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  • Tickets for the “Piccoli Borghi” Tour can be purchased at the following link, selecting it under itineraries.

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