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There are many places on the sea on the Amalfi Coast but some have a peculiarity: they can be reached by sea and some are exclusively reachable in this way through water taxis, made available by the restaurants’ managers, departing from the most popular beaches.Let’s discover them together!

by Vittoria Samaria

Visiting the Amalfi Coast is a truly special experience also from a gastronomic point of view: it offers countless proposals for taste in wonderful locations.

There are many restaurants overlooking the sea that offer amazing views of the infinity of this divine coast. Many of these are accessible by sea and some exclusively by it due to the inaccessibility of the route by land, almost always made of steep staircases carved into the rock.

We present five of them, famous both for their specialties, and because they offer their customers a ride by sea aboard their water taxi or some buoys for mooring for those who reach these restaurants from boats and yachts.
Let’s discover together this special list of Amalfi Coast restaurants you can reach by sea!

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1. Da Teresa Restaurant - Santa Croce beach, Amalfi

Directly on the beach of Santa Croce, one of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast, this restaurant can be reached only by sea in less than ten minutes, thanks to a comfortable boat that starts from the pier Il Faro di Amalfi.

Founded in the '50s by Raffaele Pinto and his wife Teresa, to whom the restaurant was dedicated, today Da Teresa is run by their son and daughter Andrea and Anna. 

Open both for lunch, and for dinner, this is the ideal restaurant for both lunch during a day at sea and for a romantic dinner.

The menu offers cuisine made of simple but extremely genuine ingredients: fresh fish, handmade pasta, local vegetables, and, last but not least, the famous desserts of Sal De Riso, the renowned pastry chef of Minori.

To taste: scialatielli with seafood, paccheri with crock (local name of the gallinella di mare), spaghetti with mussels and clams, calamarata clams and shrimps, grilled fish or “all’acqua pazza”, with tomato and aromas.

For those arriving by boat, the restaurant offers free buoys for mooring.


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Da Teresa Restaurant  - Amalfi

2. Da Adolfo Restaurant - Laurito beach, Positano

Just 5 minutes by boat from Positano’s Marina Grande Beach, the Da Adolfo Restaurant can also be reached by land along a staircase that starts from the square of Hotel San Pietro.

However, it is advisable to arrive in this exclusive cove by sea, taking advantage of a typical gozzo, the local wooden boat that acts as a water taxi. This boat is easy to recognize because its mast is topped by a characteristic wooden sign with a red fish, the symbol of the restaurant. It departs every 20 minutes from the Positano pier.
The boat service is free and reserved for restaurant guests exclusively.
Adolfo is the founder of this historical restaurant in Positano. He, together with Lucille, in 1966 had the idea of building a small place for those who wanted to refresh themselves in the silence and beauty of nature.
Today the restaurant is run by their sons and this beach, defined by many as ``the last paradise", is the destination for famous people who, from year to year, come back to taste the specialties of Adolfo, and to breathe the magical atmosphere of Laurito

Renowned for local fish dishes such as mussel soup and the octopus all’insalata (octopus salad)
or grilled, it is recommended to taste specialties such as grilled mozzarella on a wild lemon leaf, chicken “alla Adolfo”, pasta with pesto of green peppers and caprese cake with lemon.


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Da Adolfo Restaurant - Positano

3. Zeffiro Sereno Restaurant - La Vite beach, Amalfi

Directly on a pebble beach, the Zeffiro Sereno Restaurant is accessible exclusively by sea, thanks to a free and efficient shuttle service departing from Conca dei Marini.

You will have to walk a narrow road of about 300 steps from Via Marina, between the Hotel Belvedere and its private parking to reach the dock from where the boat will depart. This place will turn out to be a pleasant surprise: you will want to shoot pictures!

Opened in the 80s by the Buonocore family in this incredible location that is considered one of the most beautiful on the Coast thanks to its crystal clear waters. This restaurant is very renowned

for its classic seafood recipes and for the catch of the day that is often offered in countless different recipes outside the menu: spaghetti with clams, paccheri with ricciola, octopus meatballs, stuffed fried anchovies, and fried squid.
Do not forget to order a carafe of white wine with the percoche that you can also sip as an aperitif under the sun umbrella if you decide to take a dip in this fantastic coastal sea!


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Zeffiro Sereno Restaurant - Amalfi

4. Lido degli Artisti Restaurant - Del Duoglio beach, Amalfi

Built on a pile-dwelling, this restaurant was born in the late 90s on Duoglio Beach and offers tourists a taxi boat service directly from Amalfi. Reaching it by land would be not very easy because of the 476 steps to climb to reach the cove from the highway.

The place is enchanting from the naturalistic point of view: a strip of beach with rocks and pebbles and an emerald-colored sea with a backdrop sloping rapidly out to sea at the foot of a steep rock.

The Lido degli Artisti, led by young staff, offers a fresh and imaginative seafood cuisine in which some dishes clearly point to innovation: Octopus salad and shrimp with barley and cherry tomatoes, trofie zucchini and clams, montanarine with shrimp burrata and lemon, lemon and shrimp risotto and shrimp tempura with burrata and eggplant cream.

In short, it is really worth spending a day in this corner of perfect paradise...


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Lido degli Artisti Restaurant - Amalfi

5. Santa Croce Restaurant - Santa Croce beach, Amalfi

This restaurant takes its name from the beach on which it was built in 1950 as a bar to supply water and cool drinks to bathers.
The transformation takes place in the 70s and the restaurant has since delighted with its traditional dishes hundreds of vacationers but also many locals who return to this corner of paradise, attracted by the good food and the great atmosphere.
You can reach it by sea tanks to a  free transport service from Amalfi, Molo Darsena, with frequent departures.

The menu is Mediterranean with particular attention to the freshest local fish. To taste: linguine with scampi, gnocchi with prawns, arugula and provola, paccheri al trio di mare, ravioli with zucchini and shrimps, trofie walnuts and anchovies, risotto alla pescatora. To conclude a good meal do not forget to order a Sal de Riso dessert: the Delizia al Limone (Lemon Delight) is always the best choice!


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Santa Croce Restaurant - Amalfi

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