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The gastronomic tradition of the Amalfi Coast is as ancient as it is tastiness, a true sensory experience to live in the sublime starred restaurants of this corner of paradise: thirteen in the latest Michelin Guide.

by Barbara Iovine

The experience of eating a meal is not limited to just "eat something" and the successful restaurateurs of the Amalfi Coast know this well. They take care of your stay in their restaurants down to the smallest detail, from the preparation of the dishes to the location.
Food is one of the pleasures of life, and tasting particular flavors during your holiday will be the cherry on the cake: treat yourself to the luxury of a dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant.
Below are the nine starred restaurants located in Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Maiori, Positano, Ravello and Salerno. All of them come with superb views and excellent dishes.

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La Serra Restaurant by Hotel Le Agavi in Positano

Amalfi: Glicine Restaurant

Inside the Santa Caterina hotel, Glicine Restaurant, led by the Salerno chef Giuseppe Stanzione, won its Michelin star in 2020. The chef,  after spending several years abroad, returned to Italy where he worked alongside famous personalities such as the chefs Angelo Troiani and Bruno Barbieri. His cuisine is simple and direct, he creates traditional but innovative dishes thanks to the combination of different ingredients.

To make your dinner at Glicine even more sensational, you will have the soft lights and the soft notes of the piano in the background, not to mention the panoramic terrace between sky and sea, from which you can admire the entire bay of Amalfi. A truly "starry" atmosphere.

Price range: 80 € - 220 €


Amalfi: La Caravella dal 1959

Also in Amalfi, there is the restaurant La Caravella dal 1959, located in the ducal palace of the Piccolomini, of the XII century. It has been led since its opening by the family Dipino. It was the first restaurant in Campania to win the Michelin star in the sixties, and this placed it among the best in Italy. The cuisine of chef Antonio Dipino has the tastes of both the land and the sea, his dishes will win you thanks to their innovation: new combinations in recipes handed down for generations.

To increase the prestige of this place, it has been saddled with the title of restaurant-museum: you will have your dinner surrounded by the works of art of the greatest ceramic masters in the area. At La Caravella you will take a sensational journey into a temple of taste, history, and art.

Prices: Tasting menu 60 € (lunch only) - 100 € - 150 €


Conca dei Marini: Il Refettorio

In charge of the Il Refettorio’s kitchen -in the former Monastery of Santa Rosa, now a luxury hotel - there is the illustrious German chef Christoph Bob. After having worked in some of the most famous restaurants in the world, he chose to stop on the Amalfi Coast for love: firstly for his wife, but also for the territory and its flavors. The definition that he gives of his cooking style may seem contradictory: "simple, but at the same time quite complicated". He blends the very tasty products from Campania with the French technique and the German discipline.
Nothing to do with the frugal meals of the nuns, even if we thank them for giving us the Santa Rosa sfogliatella!

Prices: Tasting menu 125 €  

Maiori: Il Faro di Capo d’Orso

Chef Francesco Sodano brings to the kitchen of the Faro a “New Mediterranean Cuisine”. Traditional, but also full of imagination. Sodano has worked with starred chefs such as Pierfrancesco Ferrara and what he considers his true teacher, Anthony Genovese. From what he learned from them, together with the experience and the flavors acquired from all around the world, he managed to overcome the typical flavors of Campania in a sophisticated way. He takes the most of aromatic touches, and wisely uses texture, acidity, smoking, fermentation, and oxidation. The chef respects the seasonality of the products, creating truly refined and delicious dishes, in a slight fusion cooking concept. 

Prices: Tasting menu 80 - 150 €


Positano: La Serra

In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, in the five-star luxury hotel Le Agavi, there is the gourmet restaurant La Serra. To guide it the chef Luigi Tramontano, who trained in famous kitchens such as that of "Don Alfonso 1890". The chef during his formative travels has spread Mediterranean cuisine around the world. In his signature cuisine he combines traditional Campania dishes with exotic hints, where sea raw materials and seasonal vegetables prevail. Thanks to his daring combinations, the presentation of the dishes, the combination of colors, and the counterpoints of textures, chef Tramontano was awarded the Michelin star in 2018.

Prices: Tasting menu 125 € - 150 € - 180 €


Positano: Zass

Another star of Positano is the jewel of the five-star luxury hotel San Pietro, the restaurant Zass. At its helm, we find the Belgian Alois Vanlangenaeker, starred chef for twenty years who arrived at the Amalfi Coast on the advice of his first Belgian teacher Roger Souvereyns. Once here, he worked at  Don Alfonso’s kitchen for eight years and then, after various experiences around the world, arrived at Zass. Instead of betting on innovation and on the element of surprise, he chose to express local qualities, summarizing all his international experiences: his dishes seek purity, harmony and refinement. His cuisine is modern and minimal in style and, as a great lover of photography, he inspires the form of his creations to contemporary painting, while in the substance he pays homage to the traditional Italian cuisine.

Prices: Tasting menu € 145

Ravello: Il Flauto di Pan

"One of the most romantic and exclusive places in Italy" according to the Red Guide, Il Flauto di Pan, restaurant of the Villa Cimbrone Hotel, joined the starred restaurant list in 2020. Here the chef is Lorenzo Montoro, a native of Sarno, who previously was part of the team of many other classy restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, collaborating with the chef Pino Lavarra as well. He considers his cuisine “real”, without too many frills: “three main elements and a decoration, that is also an ingredient, are enough”. Its cuisine is based on seasonality, on the quality of the products, and on edible flowers, as well as on taste. His recipes are in the Mediterranean-style, sometimes revisited, with intense and explosive flavors.

Prices: Tasting menu 95 € - 120 € - 130 € - 160 € - 190 €


Ravello: Rossellinis

Inside Palazzo Avino Hotel, the restaurant Rossellinis is located in one of the most fabulous places on the Amalfi Coast. The Neapolitan chef Giovanni Vanacore, arrived in Ravello after several very significant experiences - including the meeting with the two-star chef Gennaro Esposito, his mentor - brings to the Amalfi Coast a new culinary philosophy. His cuisine is young, linked to the Neapolitan tradition, and stands out for its mastery of techniques and creative vivacity. It does not lack foreign influence, with a skillful reworking of elements from different cultures. With his recipes, chef Vanacore wants to caress the diners, stimulating the memories of home cooking, just as he remembers his grandmother's ragù.

Prices: Tasting menu 130 € - 150 €


Salerno: Re Maurì

In Lloyd's Baia Hotel, the Re Maurì restaurant is the only one in Salerno to boast the star, conquered in 2016. Since its opening in 2013, the chef managing the gourmet kitchen is Lorenzo Cuomo, who approached the kitchen from a very young age. Thanks to the influence of chef Fabio Tacchella he refined his passion for pastry and while working alongside the multi-starred Oliver Glowig, he acquired technique and precision, now used to balance the abundance of combinations that he uses in his recipes. His cuisine is defined creative Mediterranean. He does not want to manipulate the ingredients but wants to enhance their flavors instead, creating the harmony of taste. Cuomo also offers international dishes and products not necessarily linked to Campania, but he always starts with simple ingredients, revisiting them in new forms.

Prices: Tasting menu € 100


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