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There are many panoramic terraces on the Amalfi Coast from which to have a privileged view of its natural and scenic beauty: discover them with us!

by Roberta Cascone

Everyone knows the beauties of the Amalfi Coast: the jagged coastline overlooking the sea, the colorful villages that rise to the heights, the crystal-clear sea of the Gulf of Salerno that blends with the blue sky... these views have become in the collective imagination the symbol of la dolce vita and one of the most renowned tourist attractions in the Stivale (literally, the Boot). No wonder so many are looking for the best places from which to admire all these beauties, and on the Coast there are some truly spectacular ones. 

Reaching some of these destinations is super easy! The fast ferry company Travelmar has organized ad hoc itineraries to allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful views (even at sunset!) from some of the Coast's most exclusive locations. Click here to purchase the itinerary of your choice!

In short, whether it is a natural terrace along a path, or a chic and refined hotel terrace, the view will always leave you breathless! Here are our recommendations!

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The Amalfi Coast 

The romantic terraces of Ravello

Ravello's hilltop location makes it perfect for a bird's-eye view of a section of the Coast, and in particular the towns of Minori and Maiori. Here it is home to two luxury villas that, in addition to having a fascinating history, possess magnificent gardens that open onto the most romantic terraces on the Coast.

  • The first is the terrace of Villa Rufolo, purchased and restored in the 1800s by Sir Daniel Nevil Reid, who gave it the appearance it still retains today. The garden terraces were also reorganized at that time: from here you can admire the green mountains sloping down to the sea, surrounded by colorful flowers and rare trees. 
  • The second terrace is even more famous: it is located at Villa Cimbrone, now a luxury hotel, and is reached after crossing the Viale dell'Immenso, surrounded by beautiful English gardens (which I have told you about in detail here). The avenue opens onto the so-called Terrace of Infinity, whose name already evokes the breathtaking view you will face: a parapet decorated with marble busts, and behind them, only the immensity of the blue sea.

Villa Rufolo's and Villa Cimbrone's terraces

The chic terraces of Positano

Positano is definitely the village - symbol of the Amalfi Coast, synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Every year dozens of VIPs choose it as their Italian vacation destination, and thousands of visitors come to discover its charms. Here too there are panoramic terraces from which you can not only have a unique view of the town, but where you can also enjoy typical dishes and sip trendy drinks.

  • Franco's bar is known as a hangout for cocktail lovers: the terrace is suspended over the rooftops of Positano and is a lively, contemporary venue that takes great care over the drinks on offer. It is open daily from April to October and does not take reservations, so if you don't want to face a long wait, I recommend going before sunset: as night falls, you'll have an even more special experience!
  • Looking for a super exclusive place? Then the Gold Sky Terrace at Hotel Villa Franca is the one for you! This panoramic terrace even boasts a 360-degree view: from here you can catch a glimpse of the village of Amalfi, stretch your gaze to Punta Campanella via the Li Galli archipelago, admire the picturesque houses of Positano, and finally see the Lattari Mountains behind you!
Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

The terrace at Franco's bar. Ph by

The terrace on the sea of Amalfi

Right on the port of Amalfi is Hotel La Bussola, a hotel that offers everyone the opportunity to dine and have an aperitif on its panoramic terrace. Here you will find the Sea Waves Bar, from which you will have a view of the harbor and the town and is recommended for those looking for a quiet place within walking distance of the center of Amalfi.

Praiano's surprises

In the ancient fishing village of Praiano, which stretches from the promontory to the beach below, you'll find a bar ideal for watching a sunset over Positano and the Faraglioni of Capri: this is Voce 'e notte Grill & Sunset Bar. Featuring a very elegant and tastefully furnished terrace, you can sip your drink and sample elaborate dishes in front of the panorama, where the majolica-tiled dome of the Church of San Gennaro stands out.
And it is right in front of the church of San Gennaro, moreover, that another magnificent terrace with a view of the sea extends: this is precisely Piazza San Gennaro, famous for hosting the very popular event of the Luminarie di San Domenico every summer (which we have talked about here)

Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

The terrace at Voce 'e Notte Grill & Sunset bar. Ph by Facebook

Vietri sul Mare’s colorful terrace

Vietri sul Mare also rises in height. Just before arriving at the historic center, consisting of intricacies of narrow streets full of Vietri ceramic stores and small restaurants, there is a gem: it is the Villa Comunale. This is not a real terrace, but rather a series of terraces overlooking the enchanting Gulf of Salerno. However, the Villa's uniqueness lies in its sinuous lines and colors: in fact, the walls, handrails and fountains are all decorated with the world-famous colorful Vietri ceramics.

Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

The view from the Villa Comunale

The “gourmet” terrace in Erchie

In tiny Erchie, between Cetara and Maiori, there is a perfect place for lovers of km 0 food and wine experiences. Terrazza Cria is, in fact, a restaurant located on terraces overlooking the beach of Erchie and the sea: here you will find only seasonal products grown in the area, to be enjoyed in a breathtaking location surrounded by greenery and with spectacular views. You can’t miss this!

The natural terrace of the Path of the Gods in Agerola

So far I have recommended terraces that belong to public gardens, restaurants or hotels. There is a totally different one, however, that I cannot fail to mention: it is the quintessential terrace of the Amalfi Coast, namely the Path of the Gods! This is one of the most beloved and popular hiking trails, stretching from Agerola to Positano. Although it is quite long and articulated, it is accessible to everyone and, above all, is rich in viewpoints from which you can admire the contrast between the green of the hills and the blue of the sea. Coves, villages, cliffs, sky as far as the eye can see... the view from the Trail is truly unique! If you are the adventurous type, wear comfortable shoes, carry a water bottle and walk this terrace built by Mother Nature!

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The view from the Path of the Gods

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  • Villa Rufolo is open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more info click here. 
  • Villa Cimbrone is open from 9 a.m. to sunset, daily. For more info click here.
  • The Path of the Gods is easily accessible with Travelmar! Click here to find out how!

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