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The small town of Praiano is located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, not far from the famous and popular Positano. Even though it is less known than other towns, it will hold pleasant surprises. Come with me to discover this jewel.

by Annalisa Russo

Coming from Positano, travelling along the State Road 163 you will see a church below the street, this is the Church of San Gennaro in Vettica Maggiore, a village of Praiano. The majolica tiles that cover the dome and the spire of the bell tower will draw your attention. This church is just one of the many beauties of Praiano.

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Piazza San Gennaro and the Gavitella beach

Reach the homonymous square very close to the main road “Piazza San Gennaro” and admire the spectacular view. You will be able to see Capri, it is incredible, isn’t it?

This square is a good departing point if you want to reach the Gavitella beach where you will enjoy a spectacular view and sun until the sunset. This beach can be reached by foot through its typical tiny streets and steps (approximately 400).

Piazza San Gennaro- Vettica Maggiore

Gavitella beach

Marina di Praia, white pebbles and crystal clear water

If you prefer a beach easier to reach instead, go straight  from the Church of San Gennaro along the State Road 163, Marina di Praia stands on the other side of Praiano. This beach is characterized by crystal clear water, white pebbles and fisherman’s small boats which create a background even more evocative. Marina di Praia enjoys fewer sunshine hours than the Gavitella beach, but during the muggy days, this can be considered an advantage.
Here there are excellent restaurants and one of the most famous nightclubs of the Amalfi Coast. Therefore, if you want to spend a day at the beach in Praiano, going to the Gavitella and Marina di Praia lidos will be a very good idea! 


Praiano, “the town you do not expect”

Praiano not only offers beaches and sea, I would like to describe it as “the town you do not expect” due to its many beauties and the calm you can breathe.
Although it is a little town, it is characterized by several churches, such as the Church of San Luca Evangelista. This is the church of the patron saint of the city and it also keeps its precious silver reliquary bust. 
Strolling in the tiny streets of Praiano you will see embedded into the walls one of its symbols: small religious shrines, both frescoed or in ceramic.
What about food? I suggest you have lunch or dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Do not miss Praiano’s local specialty “flying squid and potatoes”. This dish will make your mouth water.

If you are on the Amalfi Coast, visit Praiano, a town that has kept its authenticity. Now it is your turn, explore its wonders.


  • Along the most frequented pedestrian areas you will find 8 "NaturArte itineraries", the result of the Praiano NaturArte project born in 2013. These itineraries turned Praiano into an open-air museum enhancing its identity. They are created by the best local artists who tell through their works of art and stone sculptures, settled along the streets, staircases and parapets, the history and tradition of this town.
  • The square, “Piazza San Gennaro”, becomes even more evocative during the “Luminarie di San Domenico”, a festival deeply rooted in the cultural and historical heritage of Praiano. It usually lasts 4 days and it is organized for the feast of San Domenico on the 4th of August. The fire plays a starring role and every night the square is illuminated with about 2000 candles that create a unique and spectacular atmosphere. This event, handed down from 1606, has a particular meaning: San Domenico’ mother, pregnant with the Saint, dreamed about a dog that, with a torch in its mouth, sets the world on fire. That was a sign that her son would have spread the Word of God in the world.

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