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The 66th edition of the Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics will be held the next 5 June in Amalfi, when the four crews representing them will compete once again with oars.

by Barbara Iovine

The lucky visitors that will enjoy a trip on the Amalfi Coast during the first week of June cannot miss the Historical Regatta. Hosted this time by the Republic of Amalfi, this event is among the most awaited of the year: a competition that encompasses the competitive spirit of every self-respecting sport and the sense of belonging to the city represented. The reenactment of the ancient regatta will be held in historical clothes: it will feel like going back to the past!
Besides, the final competition is considered of the utter importance by all the athletes involved, since all the crews row for the glory of their republic and fight hard to defend its honor, now as then. The fun is certainly not lacking, especially in an incomparable location like the Amalfi Coast.

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The Historical Regatta

The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics is a sporting event held since 1955 between May and July under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.
The idea to ​​organize this event was born in Pisa and the intention was to celebrate the accomplishments of the four maritime powers (Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, and Venice) and their rivalry, and to keep alive the spirit of membership in the Republic over the years. Since then, every year, four galleons compete for a gold and silver trophy made by the Florentine goldsmith school, which is offered up for grabs at the next regatta, each year in rotation in one of the four participating cities. Amalfi had not hosted the event since 2016, the year in which the Amalfi crew took home their eleventh trophy during a rainy day (in total they have won 12). It is Venice that today holds the record with 34 won Palios.
Each crew consists of 8 rowers plus a helmsman, while the boats are 15 meters long and 1.70 meters wide. Each boat is painted with its colors and symbols of representation: red with the Eagle for Pisa, white with a winged dragon for Genoa, green with a winged lion for Venice, and blue with a winged horse for Amalfi.
On every boat, there is also a very particular figurehead: a sculpture inserted on the bow, that recalls the symbols of the city. Until the mid-1980s it was made of wood, while today is made of fiberglass, a material that is certainly lighter and maintainable.
The event takes place over three days, the last of which involves the competition between the Galleons, but in addition to the actual race, there are other interesting entertainments, such as a concert, the presentation of the crews, and this year for the first time even a mixed-race which includes the participation of female athletes. Last but not least and the historical parade.
This is a fascinating re-enactment moment: you are going to relive the glorious past of the participating cities, watching a parade with more than 300 participants in historical clothing, representing the key personalities of the republics. They recreate a moment so suggestive that it is considered heritage: simply wonderful.

To attend the Historical Regatta you do not need to be an expert in history or to know perfectly the events of these Ancient Maritime Republics, taking part in these days is an unforgettable emotion for anyone.

The galleons from Amalfi and Pisa with the Pisan eagle being assembled

Scenes from the last Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics of Italy held in Amalfi

The organization of the 2022 Historical Regatta

The 2022 Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics will take place over three days as follows:

  • Friday, June 3rd: inaugural concert at 10:00 pm.
  • Saturday, June 4th: mixed crew race and subsequent presentation of the crews of the Maritime Republics, in Atrani. The historical parade that goes from Atrani to the Cathedral of Amalfi will begin at 7:30 pm; To conclude, there will be fireworks in the late evening.
  • Sunday, June 5th: The galleon competition at 6:00 pm.

The fast ferry service Travelmar has provided additional rides to allow all the visitors to comfortably attend the Regatta and the other events. Here are the timetables. 

Please note: To book tickets for departures after midnight, select the next day.

  • Only in Amalfi, the 2 km of the competition ground are in the open sea: in Genoa, they row into the port basin (in 2018 and 2021 they competed in the calm channel of the Genoa Pra’), and in Pisa, they row in the Arno river, while in Venice they row in the characteristic lagoon on the Adriatic Sea.

  • This year, the Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics turns pink: in fact, women will also be able to participate in a mixed crew.

  • In the past years, the Historical Parade has occasionally paraded abroad.

  • Initially, the Republic of Venice did not want to participate in the Regatta organization, but only in the historical parade.

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