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For its beauty, it has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1997.  Framed between the sky and the sea, it will make you live an exclusive experience surrounded by the smell of salt and scented lemon.
In this article, I suggest you the perfect tour to spend four unforgivable days in the name of beauty and good food.

by Barbara Iovine

The Amalfi Coast has been considered a unique setting by many screenwriters for their artistic productions. Why not choose it as the perfect setting for your holidays as well? 

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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is full of wonders, and it can be very difficult to choose what destinations can be part of your four days tour. Anyway, I can guarantee that whatever cities you choose to visit, you will never be disappointed. 
If you haven’t made a decision yet on what to see, pick up your sun hat and camera and follow me on what I consider the perfect tour!

Day 1. Positano and Praiano

Positano intrigues everybody with all the stories about its romanticism, so the first stop on our journey cannot but be this pearl.
Departing from Salerno, in about 1h you will reach your destination with a fast ferry. Despite all the photos you have already found on the web, I can assure you that reality far exceeds expectations. Seeing those splashes of color become sharper as you get closer to the coast, makes you eager to set foot in this open-air work of art.

Once ashore you cannot help but immortalize the houses set in the rock: this is certainly one of the most instagrammed spots on the Amalfi Coast!
Going towards the city, between stairs and alleys you will come across many shops full of hand-made items, where you can buy a souvenir to take home or a nice swimsuit to wear during these days of holiday. Enjoy a visit to the Roman Villa: you will be surprised by its spectacular frescoes, then stop in one of the many restaurants. After a good fresh fish lunch and a glass of excellent white wine, let’s go to Praiano.
In about 15 minutes, a cheap bus will take you to your destination: it's time to enjoy a bath in such a breathtaking setting! Despite the 400 steps to reach Gavitella beach, a dip in the crystal clear water and a cold beer at sunset, are the well-deserved reward for this first, intense, day. 


Positano - Stairway to the Spiaggia Grande

Positano port

Positano - Villa Romana

Positano - Lunch on the sea

Day 2. Amalfi and Atrani

The second day is dedicated to the other giant of the area, which gives its name to the entire coast: Amalfi.
The first thing you must do here is to eat the excellent sfogliatella at the renowned pastry shop Pansa. And you know which is the perfect match for sfogliatella? A good espresso! Just three minutes from here there is a stop that you do not want to miss: the very special fountain Cap e Ciuccio, with its permanent nativity scene. Take some minutes to appreciate this unique fountain and when you are ready, have a walk in the typical Amalfi streets. 

Just by wandering around among the alleys intertwined with each other, without a real destination, I tasted the true beauty of the city... and also a great cuoppo of fried fish, typical of the area. After that, let’s go for a drink at the tables in the square, to relax a bit while enjoying the view of the majestic Duomo di Sant'Andrea. Before you leave, do not forget to take some souvenir photos of you on the scenic staircase, but be careful to go up there hand in hand with your better half: a legend says it’s bad luck!
Putting superstitions aside, on this second afternoon let’s chill on the beach again. Moving to the nearby Atrani it is possible to take a nice refreshing dip in a very small, uncrowded basin. With the houses set in the rock in the back, you will have the feeling of being part of a modern Neapolitan nativity scene, even if wearing a swimsuit in the middle of the summer!


Amalfi - The Cathedral  ( Duomo)


Day 3. Ravello and Minori

On the third day, we visit the city of panoramas: Ravello.
It has been hard to decide what to choose between the two famous villas in the city, but Villa Cimbrone with its Terrazza dell’Infinito proved to be an excellent decision. In the air, you can smell the scents of flowers and citrus groves that, together with the spectacular view, will make you feel insanely merry.
After a good lunch crowned by the typical limoncello, head to nearby Minori to delight your palate with the well-known Sal de Riso’s delizia al limone and for a walk overlooking the sea. The pleasant breeze ruffling the hair together with the smell of salt will warm your heart. 
To conclude this day full of emotions, after a little rest in the hotel, it's time for a delicious pizza on the Salerno promenade. What else does it take to be happy?



Minori - Sal de Riso

Day 4. Vietri sul Mare and Cetara

The last morning starts with the visit of Vietri sul Mare and its famous ceramics. 
Let’s first have a walk in the city center, whose tiny streets will fascinate you with their kaleidoscopic mosaics and after that, we can go visit the beautiful dome of the Duomo di San Giovanni Battista. Let yourself be tempted by the many blue and yellow ceramic gifts and take home a world’s unique piece, as a souvenir of this colorful city!
In the afternoon, instead, move to the nearby Cetara. Take a tour of this small fishing town where it seems to have stepped back in time. Stop at a restaurant in the port and tell me if a plate of Spaghetti with the traditional recipe of colatura di alici (anchovy sauce) is not what you need to conclude in the best way your holiday on the Amalfi Coast.


Vietri - A ceramic store

Cetara - Spaghetti with colatura and anchovies

During the high season, like the summer period, the most famous places can be very crowded, therefore I recommend you decide in advance where to stay and what to visit. Once there, I suggest you explore the coastal cities by the sea, with the fast ferries which perfectly serve the area. I decided to stay in Salerno, opting for cheaper accommodation and taking advantage of its excellent connections by land and by sea. It goes without saying how suggestive it is to reach the Coast from the water: you will have the opportunity to see some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world from an even more captivating perspective ... and you will avoid expensive parking tickets and city traffic.

Further, by purchasing the ferry tickets online on, I skipped the line at the box office, earning more time to dedicate myself to the visit of these magical places.


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