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It is one of the six villages that form Scala “the oldest small town of the Amalfi Coast” and one of the perfect places where you can relax.

by Annalisa Russo

The village of Pontone, also known as the ancient Scalella, lies deep in the green mountains and terraces between Amalfi and Ravello and allows you to take a journey into a special site that has kept its authenticity. Here the time passes slowly and the breathtaking views make everything even more wonderful.

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Pontone - Church of San Giovanni Battista

The history

The village of Pontone was already appreciated by patricians for its strategic position; it overlooks the valleys of Canneto and Dragone, two rivers that provide a lot of water. Then, due to the presence of the protective walls, the Ziro tower, and its hidden position among the mountains between Amalfi and Atrani, Pontone was considered the perfect stronghold.

During the middle age, the nobles from Amalfi loved to spend their holidays in this village, which yesterday as today, was characterized by a peaceful atmosphere. So, every year tourists from all over the world come here to relax and enjoy a unique experience.


Square “San Giovanni Battista"

Houses of village

The best places to visit in Pontone

The square “San Giovanni Battista”, in the center of Pontone, is a good starting point for your itinerary. In the past, this square was the heart of the wool industry and thanks to a system of canals that collect water from the mountains, the square became like a pool where the raw wool was dipped. It was the wool weavers who wanted in the 12th century the building of the Church dedicated to San Giovanni, their patron saint.

So, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, an example of medieval architecture, stands out for the position of its bell tower located between a church and a house and its ceramic clock. Then, inside the church, there is a wooden statue of the Saint dating from the 12th century, the sixteenth-century painting of the Circumcision by Aniello Iannicelli, and the funerary monument of Filippo Spina, a noble knight from 1346.

The real peculiarity is the following one: the facade of the Church is characterized by the presence of a half column, also known as the “column of justice” which has a medieval origin. All the people who believed they had been wronged by a king or a powerful person, looked for political asylum and protection by the powerful corporation of the wool weavers of Scala, standing right under this column.

From the Church of San Giovanni Battista through a long staircase, you reach the Church of San Filippo Neri that was initially built for the rich family “De Bonito” in the 10th century and dedicated, at first, to San Matteo. The first thing that draws the attention of the visitor is the stone bell tower, although even the interior is no less beautiful. The stucco decorations were added only in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the church was dedicated to San Filippo Neri. To conclude, the majolica floor and the fresco from the 14th century illustrating the crucifixion are amazing.

Scalella Map

Basilica of Saint Eustachio

Do you love trekking? You are in the right place!

Pontone is also known to be the starting point of some of the most popular excursions of the Amalfi Coast: the “Valle delle Ferriere” and the Mount Aureo where the Ziro Tower stands.

When you reach the little square of Pontone, before strolling into the tiny streets that lead to the Valle delle Ferriere, one of the most evocative natural trails of the Amalfi Coast, look up at the sky and enjoy the facade of the Church of Sant’Eustachio that was built in the 13th century for the family D'Afflitto, a proof of how this place was characterized by a great splendor.

The Ziro Tower, instead, overlooks the towns of Amalfi and Atrani with a wonderful view over the Gulf of Salerno. Its position proves that in the past this tower was one of the most important ones. Here, according to the tradition, Giovanna d’Aragona, called la Pazza (the crazy), was imprisoned and killed together with her two children because of a relationship with a man of lower rank. Then, do not miss the belvedere reachable by an alternative trail: the view will leave you breathless!

The small town of Pontone is a special place where tiny streets, stone steps, and terraces form a perfect setting. Moreover, although this small town is nestled among the mountains between Amalfi and Ravello is not so far from the sea (about 225 meters above sea level). The Amalfi Coast is full of wonderful things and Pontone is one of these.

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  • The Ziro Tower whose form recalls that of the cylindrical containers used in the past to store oil and cereals, is called Ziro from the Arab “ctiri”.
  • In 2014 the English writer Irene Allen set in the small town of Pontone the first book of the series Demon Dwell, entitled “The Tower”.
  • In 2014, Pontone and Minuta (another village of Scala) were the locations of the italian movie "Si accettano miracoli" directed by Alessandro Siani.

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