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Delizia al limone (Lemon Delight) is a tasty spoon dessert made of a dome-shaped sponge base, filled with cream and covered with lemon glaze. You will find different variants of the Delizia in every pastry shop of the Amalfi Coast, but here are our top five pastry shops where you can taste it!

by Barbara Iovine

The Italian dessert Delizia al limone is a real treat that you should try while you are on the Amalfi Coast. It is made with the fragrant lemons typical of the area and has at the same time a rich but delicate flavor: it is one of a kind. You can savor it as a dessert at the end of a meal or even for a delicious afternoon snack, and I assure you that you will not want to share it with anyone! 

The dome filled with sweetness

This typical dessert of the Amalfi Coast looks like a dome filled with sweetness. It has a sponge base drizzled with an aromatic limoncello syrup or lemon juice, depending on the recipe, and it is covered with a very delicate and fragrant lemon glaze and a dot of decorative whipped cream. Its heart is a delicious filling of custard and lemon cream: a real experience for the palate!
Below are our favorite pastry shops where you can sample this extraordinary treasure chest.

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Maiori - Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare

Sal De Riso - Minori

Perhaps not everyone knows that it was the well-known pastry chef Sal De Riso who made famous the Delizia al limone. For this reason, we must recommend a stop in his beautiful pastry shop in Minori, in via Roma 80. The shop is embellished with typical decorations of the Amalfi Coast and blue and white tiles, that recall the colors of the clear sky and the beautiful sea. Surrounded by this beauty, you will find an eye-catching display of sweets of every kind. Even if it is difficult to choose among the many proposals, the Delizia al limone is a must: you can taste it while sitting at the comfortable tables of the café or, if you prefer, in front of the sea just across the road. In addition, the pastry chef recommends accompanying this dessert with a taste of the renowned Paesaggi limoncello, a lemon cream or a Moscato d'Asti.


Delizia al limone - Pasticceria Sal De Riso 

Pasticceria Gambardella - Minori

Another key stop in Minori where you can find one of the best  Delizie al limone is the one at Pasticceria Gambardella, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 37. Here you will find yourself in a wonderful venue, with a slightly retro and undoubtedly elegant look: once there you will notice on the external façade colored ornamental motifs that you will also find on its peculiar benches. In addition, the pastry shop has a suggestive terrace, where there are pergolas with lemon trees to make the atmosphere even more characteristic: what better scenario to enjoy your Delizia? The dessert here is soft at the right point, and the sophisticated flavor of the cream remains on the palate even after it's finished. There is one word to define it: delicious.


Delizia al limone - Pasticceria Gambardella

Pasticceria Pansa - Amalfi

In Piazza Duomo 40, in Amalfi, you must stop for a Delizia al limone at the historic and renowned Pasticceria Pansa, right in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, near the famous Cathedral of Amalfi. Made with a light whipping, lemon cream, lemon paste, and chantilly cream with limoncello, it is covered with a delicious glaze and decorated with fresh whipped cream and grated lemon zest. You will certainly fall in love with the local confectionery tradition once again. Relish it admiring of one of the most impressive squares in the world, and don't forget to take a picture: your followers will envy you for sure!


Delizie al limone - Pasticceria Pansa 

Pasticceria Savoia - Amalfi

If you had an excellent breakfast at Pansa, again in Amalfi, you can stop for a delightful afternoon snack at the Pasticceria Savoia, in via Matteo Camera 2. In this centenary pastry shop, the Delizia sponge cake is wet with the typical limoncello; the filling, on the other hand, is made of delicate lemon cream. Finally, the pastry is covered with lemon Chantilly cream. How can we not recognize the taste of the Amalfi Coast in these bites? Once again, you can choose to enjoy it with the background of the Amalfi Cathedral or move right in front of the sea, to make your experience even more unforgettable. I'm sure, however, that wherever you decide to eat it, you will go back for seconds!


Delizia al limone - Pasticceria Savoia

Pasticceria La Zagara - Positano

Lastly, we need to mention the Pasticceria La Zagara, in via Dei Mulini 8/10 in Positano. This is one of the most beautiful locations on the entire coast: if possible take a seat on the terrace, where you can delight your palate with the excellent Delizia al limone, and at the same time enjoy the view all around you. Surrounded by the greenery and the characteristic houses overlooking the sea, that make this city famous all around the world, your gourmet stop in this pastry shop will be really difficult to forget. The exceptional dome-shaped dessert here has a lively peculiarity: instead of being decorated with a dot of cream and lemon, it acquires a touch of color, given by a red cherry. Just a wonderful combination!


Delizia al limone - Pasticceria La Zagara

  • Today this dessert is typical of the feast of the Assumption, on August 15th, when it is easy to find large and tasty seasonal eggplants. Also, it is the protagonist of numerous summer festivals dedicated to the “mulignana cu 'a ciucculata” (eggplants chocolate, in Neapolitan dialect).
  • The liqueur compound used to dress the eggplants is obtained by adding the Concerto liqueur, made with different herbs and spices, barley and coffee, originally prepared by the Franciscan friars of Tramonti.

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