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The ice cream is a must-have on every trip to Italy: it is tasty, fresh, and irresistible. Whether you pick a cup or a cone, it doesn't matter because this artisan dessert will steal your heart, seeing is believing!

by Barbara Iovine

When the summer comes, the ice cream season opens! What better scenario to enjoy it in Italy than the Amalfi Coast? This artisan dessert is among the most wanted delicacies of the Bel Paese and obviously of our beloved Divine Coast, a land where the products are always of the highest quality. Let’s think about milk and local fruits blended to create this real artisanal excellence, not to mention the tastiest chocolate flavors. Gelato is suitable for cooling the hot sunny days, whether you want to taste it in front of the sea or while walking through the narrow streets of the cities. I am sure it will be a sin of gluttony that you will not regret.
Below I recommend some of the best ice cream parlors in the Amalfi Coast area, you just have to visit them all to decide for yourself which one is your favorite!

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Pasticceria Savoia - Amalfi

Let's start with the Amatruda family’s pastry shop, which is located a few steps away from the Cathedral of Amalfi. This family has a passion both for ice cream and desserts, so customers are spoiled for choice among a selection of products that suits all tastes. Speaking of ice creams, you will find the classic fresh fruit flavors, but also the more particular ones, such as the Savoia with almond, crunchy cream, chocolate, and amaretto: one of the most exclusive flavors.
But choosing Delizia al limone or Limoncello, both produced with the typical Amalfi lemons, you will experience the true essence of the Amalfi Coast: a delicious and fresh taste! 

▶ Via Matteo Camera, 2, 84011 Amalfi

Cioccolato e Gelato Andrea Pansa - Amalfi

Just next to the historical pastry shop Pansa, there is a brand-new boutique that displays a delicious exhibition of chocolate and ice cream. Even though it is difficult to choose among so many flavors, I would suggest you pick those with dried fruit, such as pistachios from Bronte, almond, or hazelnut from the Langhe, but also the stracciatella or the "Nonna Adriana" cream. The choice to use "Latte Nobile", (a particular type of milk made in the Apennines mountains of the Campania, Molise, and Basilicata area) both for ice creams and whipped cream, takes the tasting of this dessert to a higher level: you will be able to enjoy both the singular taste of the ingredients and that of their mix: a simple but refined combination of goodness.

Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi, 9, 84011 Amalfi

Geljada - Maiori

I recommend that you don't leave Maiori without trying its delicious ice cream first, maybe while strolling along the longest promenade of the Amalfi Coast. In this ice cream parlor, choose a delicious crunchy cone with lemon or berries flavors, two of the most popular among the Geljada lovers, or dare to order the mouthwatering Rocher, Kinder Cereali, or Salted caramel. Don’t forget a tuft of whipped cream, it is only for the real connoisseurs!

Via Lungomare Amendola, 15, 84010, Maiori

Collina Positano Bakery - Positano

This little bakery located a few minutes away from the beach is ideal for a delicious break after a nice refreshing bath. It has both sweet and savory food, but what is truly exceptional is the ice cream: one of the best in Positano. If you are fruit lovers, take strawberry and lemon otherwise I recommend the dark chocolate or the sfogliatella, which has real pieces of the typical Neapolitan dessert. One spoon after another, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the ingredients, and I am sure you will not be able to stop eating it!
Furthermore, the needs of each customer are taken into account here, including tastes for lactose intolerant ones.

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 1/3, 84017, Positano

Baffone Gelateria Artigianale - Ravello

After visiting the villas of the city of music, go treat yourself to a super crunchy cone with ice cream at Ugo and Valentina D'Angelo’s Baffone Gelateria. You can choose your favorite ice cream from their daily production of both traditional and more "extravagant" flavors, which I am sure will make this ice cream shop your regular stop when in the city. Cremino and Cheese Cake flavors are just some of the mouth-watering proposals that you should absolutely try but, if it's already time for a happy hour, don't worry: you can also pick the exclusive Ricotta Stregata, Spritz and Mojito flavors, totally Italian style! There are also a lot of options for vegans and fruit lovers, indeed, the owners choose seasonal products, collected directly from their garden.      

Via Roma, 48, 84010 Ravello

Bar Nettuno - Salerno

The ice cream at Bar Nettuno in Salerno is simply divine! Some customers call it the eighth wonder of the world, although others want it to become part of the UNESCO heritage: that's how good it is! The ice cream flavor selection is exceptional, but what really makes the difference and made this bar famous is the combo of artisanal brioche of their production, a soft and sweet pastry, with fresh ice cream: irresistible. The brioche is available in three different sizes, for children and adults, and can be filled with the flavors you prefer: imagine biting a piece of that with dark chocolate mixed with mascarpone, maybe while admiring the Salerno sea right in front of you. A gelato sandwich worthy of Neptune, the king of the seas! 

Lungomare Trieste, 136, 84121 Salerno

Giallo Limone - Salerno

Another excellent ice cream parlor is the bright-colored Giallo Limone, in Salerno. When you arrive there, among the scent of hot pastries, you can glimpse at the fresh fruits that are ready to become very tasty ice creams and at the dough that is slowly becoming artisan brioches.
The care and love for seasonal products are the keys to goodness. Here you will find mostly fruit and citrus flavors, such as “Giallo Limone” (yellow lemon), from which the place takes its name, a milk cream with a lemon scent that is truly unmissable.
Also, you should taste the Stregato flavor, with the famous liqueur of Benevento, or the stracciatella that has small crunched pieces of chocolate. Any taste you choose, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Via Papio Giovan Angelo, 15, 84121 Salerno

Eco del Mare - Vietri sul Mare

After visiting the ceramic museum, have a break at the Eco del Mare and relax while sitting at the outside terrace with a giant artisanal ice cream in your hand. I recommend you to pick the irresistible Coppa Costa d'Amalfi, made with the typical Amalfi lemons, or savor the Delizia al limone: a true taste sensation.
This ice cream parlor is also the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the cool evening breeze while eating an excellent dessert after dinner: those with a sweet tooth will certainly appreciate a nocciutella, coffee, and whipped cream cone. It is certainly my favorite!

Via G. Pellegrino, 136, 84019, Vietri sul Mare

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  • Baffone Gelateria Artigianale is named after Raffaele Amato, the owner's grandfather, who was known by the nickname of "Baffone" (the Italian translation for “big mustache”), for his characteristic mustache.

  • Cioccolato e Gelato Andrea Pansa, located a few steps from the historic and famous pastry shop of the Pansa family, offers a jazz musical accompaniment to make the atmosphere of its guests more pleasant.

  • At Giallo Limone you can also taste another specialty: granita (slushies). It is available in different sizes and flavors, do not miss the almond or pistachio one!

  • At Collina Positano Bakery you will also find lemon sorbet, served directly in the lemon itself!

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