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The fried cuoppo is one of the most loved and appreciated Neapolitan street foods. You can find the sea’s or land’s cuoppo, even on the pizzerias and restaurants’ menus: simple and tasty!

by Barbara Iovine

The fried cuoppo is a paper cup overflowing with fried and delicious food. It is made in two variants: the seafood cuoppo, with fried fish and sometimes even fried seaweed dough balls, or the land cuoppo, full of fried dough balls, potato croquettes, timbale pasta, and the ‘rice balls', (similar to the famous Sicilian arancine).
The cuoppo can be chosen as an appetizer - before a delicious pizza - or as a main course, replacing lunch or dinner, but it is also excellent to share with friends during an apéritif.
There are many places where you can order it to take away, so you can enjoy it facing the sea or while admiring the wonders of this enchanting coast: it will fill your stomach and also warm your heart!
Below I recommend some unmissable places where you can taste an excellent fried cuoppo.

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Sea's fried cuoppo

Cuoppo d'Amalfi - Amalfi

Housed in an ancient church and hidden among the alleys of the city center, Cuoppo d'Amalfi is one of the most sought-after places in Amalfi. It will be really difficult to resist the temptation of an excellent Cuoppo Calamaro with squid rings, tufts of squid, and prawns: together with a Cuoppo del paggio, with seaweed fritters, it is a winning combination. Here you will have a really wide choice, also gluten-free: choose among cuoppi of bluefish, cod, and anchovies or vegetables and fries.
Once you have ordered your favorite, you can eat it at the comfortable tables outside, or even enjoy it with the immense blue sea in front of you!   

Cuoppo d’Amalfi, Via Supportico dei Ferrari 12  - Amalfi 


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Centro Ittico Cica - Amalfi

Right in the heart of Amalfi, another unmissable takeaway place is CICA. You will be attracted by the enticing aroma as you get closer to this fish shop that has also a fryer: in addition to delicious sandwiches, you can also pick between a sea or land cuoppo. Here too there are many combinations for the hearty cuoppi: I recommend you try the one with pumpkin pancakes stuffed with squid and shrimp, you won't regret it! 

Centro Ittico Cica, Via Pietro Capuano, 17 - Amalfi

Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

La Frittura del Golfo - Cetara

In Cetara, the small fishing village famous for its anchovy sauce, I suggest you go to La Frittura del Golfo, maybe after a morning spent on the beach. Located right on the main street of the city, it offers an excellent selection of fish dishes, including unmissable cuoppo: getting a seafood cuoppo with fried anchovies and lemon is almost a must! Also, highly recommended for dinner with friends on summer evenings: share the mixed frying cuoppi and accompany them with a glass of white wine, you will not regret it.

La Frittura del Golfo, Corso Garibaldi, 13 - Cetara


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Euroconca - Conca dei Marini

Not far from the Fiordo di Furore, there is Euroconca, one of the most romantic and sublime places on the Amalfi Coast. Here you will have the opportunity to taste a revisited cuoppo, inspired by the Santarosa sfogliatella, one of the most typical sweets of the Neapolitan area.
The cuoppo is made with the pastry used to create the famous sfogliatella instead of being made of paper, and it is neither sweet nor salty. Although it may seem a very particular combination, it is filled with fried fish: anchovies, shrimps, and very fresh squid, an irresistible extravagance that you should absolutely try!

Euroconca, Via Smeraldo, 67 - Conca dei Marini


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

Capricci - Positano

Capricci Restaurant in Positano is the ideal place to stop after a day on the beach, but also for a short break while visiting the city. At this place, it is possible to sit down and have the fried cuoppo right in front of the sea or take it away, if you prefer to eat a snack while walking around to continue the exploration of this beautiful coastal pearl.
The choice here is between a fried seafood cuoppo or a “land” one (di terra), which is filled with delicious fried vegetables: both very satisfying and tasty! 

Ristorante Capricci, via Regina Giovanna, 12 - Positano 


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.

I due Fratelli - Vietri sul Mare

This is not a touristic restaurant, it is attended by locals and has a jovial and informal atmosphere. It also offers a takeaway service for those wishing to have a snack on the beach and it is the ideal place to go with friends or even for a family night out: before your pizza or other typical dishes you can choose to share the abundant cuoppo of fresh squid and fried shrimp: try it with a splash of lemon, it is delicious!

I due fratelli, via Molina di Vietri, 49 - Vietri sul Mare  


Tra.Vel.Mar S.r.l.
  • In the last few years, the sweet cuoppo has also spread. It consists of fried donuts covered with sugar and chocolate (or other sweet creams).
  • The cuoppo was born in the nineteenth century to feed poor people.
  • The Euroconca cuoppo was promoted at the Santarosa Event where many other courses were revisited and inspired by the famous sfogliatella.

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