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The magnificent scenario of the Amalfi Coast is appreciated not only by tourists looking for extraordinary panoramas, but also by many singers fascinated by the colorful nature and the crystalline sea who have shot their video clips here!

by Barbara Iovine

There are a lot of Italian and international artists who choose the fantastic locations of the Amalfi Coast for their video clips.
To deeply move their listeners, they filmed not only in the most iconic places of the area but also in the less famous spots, which are just as beautiful. They play their beautiful notes surrounded by the beautiful beaches, the famous majolica domes, the stairways of Positano, the iconic streets of Maiori, and of course the wonderful crystalline sea.

Here are some of the video clips that were filmed on the Amalfi Coast!

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Golden — Harry Styles

Golden — Harry Styles

The former One Direction, who had declared in some interviews that he wanted to learn Italian, took the opportunity of this single to spend a few days in Italy, more precisely on the Amalfi Coast. His music video was shot between Amalfi and Maiori, indeed in the scene where he runs with the sunset behind him, it is possible to see the road and the tunnels that lead to Pontone, the hamlet of Scala.
He also drives along the bends of the SS163, between Capodorso and Castiglione, and of course, he could not miss the chance to take a dip in the crystalline sea, at “Acquachiara” beach in Maiori.
The whole video is full of lemon trees, blue sea, and old buildings. It also shows friendly locals that, intrigued by the shooting, went to greet Harry. This is truly a “golden” video! 

Insieme (Together) — Francesco Renga

Francesco Renga, on the other hand, does not choose a single location for his single Insieme but moves from the north to the south of Italy. While he smiles from a hot tub under a gazebo set up on Lake Iseo, there is a girl at the dock of Amalfi. Furthermore, a boat is filmed off the beautiful Amalfi Coast and other different scenes show the Fiordo di Furore.

The joyful and serene atmosphere, with the actors that run happily “Insieme” (together), hugging each other, playing the guitar while the waves crash on the beach and the sun shines, represents Renga’s hymn to life, love, and happiness! Perfect feelings to be felt in the unique Divine Coast!

Como suena el corazón — Gigi D'Alessio and Clementino

Gigi D'Alessio and Clementino worked together on the remake of this early 2000’s song, choosing Positano as the basis for the shooting of its video.
Already from the first frames you can see some of the most famous symbols not only of the city, such as the renowned majolica dome, but also of the entire coast, such as a box full of the typical lemons. The video goes on with a girl who descends the steps of Positano, up to the beautiful beach, and then moves on a boat offshore, while in the background you can see the typical houses set in the rock. Looking at all of this beauty, you can definitely tell “Como suena el corazón”! (how your heart beats).

Cabriolet Panorama - The Kolors

In this '80s inspired video, the Italian band The Kolors starts to sing from the terraces overlooking the sea of ​​the Art Hotel Marmorata, in Ravello, the city of music par excellence.
Afterward, the three boys, guided by the frontman Antonio Stash Fiordispino, move aboard their Cabriolet along the Statale 163. They reach Amalfi while driving with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, and join a party at the restaurant Lido Azzurro.
The lyrics of the song say: “how many km have I done just for the view” and we can say with certainty that looking at the panoramas of the Amalfi Coast it was totally worth it!

Paloma — Fred de Palma (feat Anitta)

While Anitta is in a villa in Rio de Janeiro, the Italian rapper chooses instead the Amalfi Coast pearl of Positano. He decides to show the beauty of this territory through different angles, starting from the less known upper part of the city. ​​The singer first faces a spectacular view and then walks among the characteristic streets and squares of Positano.
Fred de Palma also takes a dip in the irresistible crystalline water of the Spiaggia Grande, and then he sings leaning against a boat moored on the sand, while he is framed by the suggestive houses of the vertical city. This song became a full-fledged Summer hit.

Take me away - PreciousLand feat Noma Mamba

The Salerno’s DJ and producer PreciousLand was inspired by the charm of the Amalfi Coast to shoot this music video. It begins with a beautiful view of the sea and then introduces the story of two lovers who decide to run away from home.
The couple wanders happily among the beauties of Furore and Positano and the sweet voice of Noma Mamba is perfectly suited to the indescribable images of the coastal views. Everyone would like to be “taken away” to such a place!

Starry Night — Anish Sood

Surrounded by the beauties of the Divine Coast, Anish Sood chooses Positano and its enchanting landscape.
The Indian singer goes through the famous street with pergolas, full of colorful flowers, to arrive at the famous beach, where the typical background reminds of the most beautiful Neapolitan presepe. He cheerfully dances and sings between sun loungers and umbrellas, while at nightfall he wanders among the typical alleys of the city.
A truly perfect location to enjoy a “Starry night”!

  • Francesco Renga in the lyrics of “Insieme” wants to remember the normality, the life before the lockdown.
  • Contrary to what you might think, the video of “Amalfi” by Hooverphonic, was shot in Ischia.
  • The song by Gigi D'Alessio, “Como suena el corazón”, was released for the first time in 2000.
  • Certain places of the Amalfi Coast also appear in the song “Maladie” by Isolati Fenomeni.

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